'Cause If The Whole World Was Watching I'd Still Dance With You <3

Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you

I'll never stop loving you.
How could I? How could I stop loving apart of myself?
You are me & I am you.

It doesn't matter where we go in this world,
I know you will always be with me.

I will always be with you.

I feel so lonely lately,
I wish we could speak,
But I'll be be okay.

I'm getting better,
Learning to live without you,
But I can't help but still crave you.

I'll never be complete until I'm laying next to you again.
I'll always feel incomplete.

Maybe not in this lifetime,
But I know one day we will be magnificent,
Just like we said.


I wonder if you feel the same way,
I hope you do.

I still feel your love,
It's unwavering.

The only thing I've ever been sure about.
Our Love.

NOTHING can break our bound.
Our love is powerful, our love is strong.


I hope you are happy,
I hope you know that I love you.

Thank you for loving me,
I'll never stop feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

Merry Christmas love!
One day, I hope I get to spend it with you.


Your Other Half

I'll be waiting patiently for you to come back to me. <3
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This is so beautiful, as I read each and every word, a tear drop fell from my from my cheek. At this moment my heart is beating, and within every beat it's quietly saying your name momentarily I hope it reaches your's. Merry Christmas.
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