Some say dreams are experiences you have had in your past life well some of the dreams I have been having lately makes me second guess that, they are passion filled where I am finding myself waking from a dead sleep sweating.

I cannot tell him that I am having amazing sex in my dreams with complete strangers while the one I devoted myself to thinks I am having nightmares. can't a girl dream I use to think but now they keep coming and I'm worried he might think I am having love sex with men behind his back.

the thing is I do not even know who these men are they just appear ravage me then I wake sweaty breathless, I can't look at him again last time he tried to wake me up but I wouldn't wake up, when I came to his face was blank. I don't want to lose him but I don't want to lose those dreams either. I can't let him walk away not again. anyone know how to deal with intense dreams?