Can you be a Bodhisattva?

There is a tramp, he saw many prayer petitioning Bodhisattva for their wishes, he said to Bodhisatta , " you are busy dealing with many different needs everyday, I 'd like to participate your sufferings....."
To his surprise, bodhisattva said to the tramp, "Okay, you can have a try, sitting in my place."Bodhisattva walking down towards the tramp , "Remember, you can't say any words whatever you hear and see, that is the basis of being Bodhisattva."
The tramp thought there was no easier thing like that.the tramp became Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva became a tramp.Many prayer come to the temple as usual, on seeing Bodhisattva, the prayers kneel down to petition for their wishes, nobody found the Bodhisattva sitting there has any differenc;the tramp honored his promise is quitly listening to the prayers wishes.
There is a bussnisman hurriedly went away after praying, the handbag he took with left on the side of padding.What happened is all seen by the tramp, he failed to ask that bussnissman to come back, for the thing he hornored to the Bodhisattva.
After a while, there is a poor man who don't know where to get his next meal from, pititioning Bodhisattva for helping him to get though him in difficulty.When he leave, he found a handbag which is bussinisman left before, opening it with money in it.the poor man promptly go back kowtowing to Bodhisattva, "Bodhisattva, you show your power", he said happiedly and went away with his satisfaction.This time the tramp originallywanted to tell the truth to him, but he kept silence when he realized his promise he made.
Subsequently coming a fishman who is ready for fishing, petition Bodhisattva for his going out of sea safe and sound.In the very act of his leaving, the bussnissman came back for his handbag, seeing the fishman just sitting in the same place that he did, coming up grabing the fisherman asking for his handbag.When they are intensly quarreling , the tramp sitting up there can't help himself saying anthing out he knows.After knowing the truth, they went away to do what they should do.
The tramp indulged in what he did happily, the true Bodhisattva came back, said, "come down, you havn't had destiny being a Bodhisattva yet."
"Cann't I say the truth out?"the tramp said.
"You know, the handbag with money is a little fee for bussinessman to spend, but that little money can relife the difficult situation for the poor.the worst thing happened is if the fisherman quarreled with that bussinessman, he would miss the time of aboarding, and avoid the disaster in the sea, would not on his way to the death, now his boat is sunk in the sea."Bodhisattva said.
Everything in this world, all is managed subtoly by destiny.Brightness is not all the best result;sometimes, predicament is another forepleasure for spreading the bright side in your life.Smiling at all you facing whatever it is good or bad.
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divine order ^^ everything that happens is divine order
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