We went on a movie date this past weekend. You had a gift card, so we went to see Jumanji. Your brother came along.
Halfway through, you threw your jacket on my lap and stuck your hands down my pants. Something we’ve never done before at the movies, but I’ve always really wanted (and have been too shy to request).
I was dying trying to keep still in that movie theatre. It was full, and your little brother was sitting right beside me. He had to go to the bathroom after a few minutes, though, and stayed gone for a while because of a stomach ache from all the milk he drank. I still worried the old lady that was siting next to your brother would notice, but you felt too good for me to care anyway. I threw caution into the wind and started rocking my hips. It didn’t take long from there.
You’re so good.
Too good.

I love you.