So, that may have been harsh. But, that's what happens when you first show me a glimmer of disrespect for either yourself, me, or others. And, you sometimes show me all three in a chain reaction. You drink, and then try to push me out of my comfort zone, disrespecting me. Then, you flirt with me, disrespecting both her and I. Then, I turn you away, and you don't stop pestering or outright begging, disrespecting yourself. Put me in a power position so voluntarily without me having earned it, and I'll spit all over you. It's borderline vile to me, and I then feel in my right to feel completely disrespectful towards you.

And, you know better! You have been very much earning of my respect and gratitude. So, it disappoints me when you behave stupidly towards me. I get it. . . Oh boy, do I ever get it. . . it's the drink, that's what it does. I know you're no alcoholic, not at all as I have been, but I think you underplay the lack of control it has on you when you do engage. Maybe you shouldn't drink. Sobriety is much more attractive on you. Catch more flies with honey rather than whiskey.

As for me, I cannot drink. Even when I think it's safe to, that I won't possibly get into trouble, trouble has literally arrived at my doorstep, unwelcomed and uninvited at 2:30 in the morning. So, it doesn't matter the circumstance nor the time. I flat out can not drink. Anything. Ever. I won't ask you to do the same. You're not the kind of jackass I am when drunk, but I don't like the disrespectful dungpile that avalanches when you engage with me upon drinking.