Broken for the 3rd time..3rd times the charm

Excuse some of my spelling I'm a bit teary eyed n upset..please allow me to vent ..

he said he was gonna tell me something I waited..
today came and he said he fair
he didnt even take time to think about it he just said he would tell me tomoro
thats not fair..he said I wanted it today..he claims he forgot..
what happened to being a man of your words?
but he always wants it his way..few minutes later
arguement escalates he is calling me names
youre childish..i hate people who keep on and on..thats stupid..ect

why couldnt u try to remember for me??? instead you put it off to make me wait anxiously again?

tears fall..i dont like to fight

more insults..

now he remembers what he wanted to tell me
"i was going to ask you how much money you wanted me to send so you could come see me"
"but now I dont give a shit anymore fuck it' you mean you couldnt remember that? such a liar..and you didnt care to try to think..instead you want to make me wait..and now you call off the trip..all because I want you to keep your word? mean what you say..say what you mean

"youre just like the rest of them" hangs up phone in my face

i spent years on you..and this is how you treat is tired of being dont take me serious n u treat me like I'm your play thing at your expense..u give false love to see me grovel...

this is the third time you cancelled a dont want to spend time with me love stringing me along.then cutting the cord..

it hell..and I feel sorry for my heart and the next time it will be even harder to touch my heart..thanks for breaking me

breaking my heart

thanks for leaving me broken...........
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anonymous user
im sorry its horrible to be lead on like that. quite frankly though you deserve better then him. any guy like that is not worth your time. there are soo many people out there. you will find a nice charming man who will be your prince charming someday. you just have to learn from what happens and cut the bad apples from the tree.
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Leave him,hes apiece of crap
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