Bored of being NORMAL!!

Everything is so normal and boring, why?
I'm 16 and I want to do something crazy, stupid, reckless but don't know what or how
I'm fed up of playing the good girl
I always do everything i'm supposed to never anything new or exciting
I leave school in 4 months and want to go out with a bang!
Acctually scrap that I WILL go out with a bang
It's about time I showed everyone that i'm not that nice or normal!
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Scrap as in that gay fukin gang cuz its about norte I'm a scrap killa
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I know what you mean I feel like I have never done anything to rebel against what people want me to do

So my friend and I came up with this list of things to do before we leave for college (we are juniors)

It is full of random things we would never do:

Getting tattoos
skipping school
stealing road signs

We recently started and I have never felt so alive