I was never exactly jazzed that the furniture scheme in my apartment livingroom was silver and black. It just happened that way. It started with the futon. It only came in a silver frame and a black mattress. Then, the dining table we ended up getting was a glass top with a silver frame, with four silver chairs with black seats. That pretty much made solid the black and silver theme. So, when the time came to get a bookcase and CD towers, guess what colors they ended up being?

To be honest, I'm more of a natural wood kind of girl. I prefer light wood, but my bedroom set is dark wood and frosty glass, which is kinda nice, too. I was excited when my mom said that the smaller dark wood bookcase in the bedroom I'm moving into will stay, as it meant I could toss the black and silver one that I don't care for, and my bedroom set would match it. But, then, the last time I moved stuff in, she changed her mind and said it was going. I wish she didn't do that, because now I really want it and need to now get her to change her mind again. I don't enjoy pulling teeth, though.

Now that I've made two trips of stuff, I'm getting a little antsy to have the rest of it out and gone. I want this done, now. I still hate so much that I have to go, so so much, but I'm also excited that I'll be able to move ahead and change my life in so many ways and quickly. I see lots of problems with battles of the will between myself and my mother. Already happening. I think I'm going to have to spike her tea with THC honey if she doesn't chill the eff out and start rolling with even the small punches. I refuse to be affected by her overcharged anxiety and frazzledness. It's so effing useless and unnecessary. I got rid of mine, and it will NOT be returning.