Welcome to another weekend of leavemethefuckalone. That's right, I'm not working! I'm home! So, what better time for everyone to jump on that s**t and ruin it for me? Yeah, no. You all go the eff away.

I don't know what happened in life. I was a lonely child and teenager with plenty of free time after school to be creative and figure out songs and play and stuff. It was great! I did so much with my life, personally, back then. But, back then, I thought it was sad and pathetic, and all I wanted and pined for was luuuuv and relationships. Now, I can't even get a moment to figure out the first few bars of Better Ed Than Dead on Jacob's electric guitar. I shouldn't even be doing that. We all know what I am SUPPOSED to be doing, and I did try to start today, tried to clear out a tote box, but it was full of stuff that either wasn't mine, or stuff that shouldn't be mine to dispose of because it wasn't me who broke these dreams and plans. So, all of that crap is now just on the floor, and I don't even know what I am going to do with it when it's all together and ready to be out of this place along with the rest of me. I can't even figure out how to get me out of here, let alone this crap that I shouldn't have to deal with. So. . . brain goes PING! Overwhelm, le confuse, and then "oh, hello, guitar, haven't touched you in months, please distract me from this stupidass crap, thanks". But, for god's sake, don't let people and their wannabe friendships try to distract me at all, that would be the utmost woe and horror.

Somewhere, I'm sure I make sense. Not on this planet, but somewhere.