I am disappointed by so much. Even with the disappointing flaw that I have in myself, I still don't disappoint myself as much as the world around me does, especially the people. Especially lovers or potential lovers.

I expect way too much, and I'm never going to get it. Even when I was with the person I was happiest with, I was still was disappointed. It still wasn't the most it could have been. He still didn't make the grade all the way. Now, I just live and settle and hang with obvious disappointment and below-grade substandard people or treatment. I don't even try to hold anyone up to a standard, anymore, as long as I don't hold myself up to one. But, the second that I believe that I might actually step things up for myself and make it, I hold the world to this incredibly high standard that never has been met and probably never will be.

I'm kinda mad, bro.