Your body feels so warm and soft. I love the way that you melt into mine. I run my digits all over your lovely back, then start soothing you with a massage. I roll my fists beneath your shoulders, relieving every knot you feel within. Lightly kiss that sweet spot on your neck as I slowly work my way around to your breasts. I cup each one with my hands, gently tugging on both of your nipples. I love to listen to you as you moan, then sigh as my hands move down to your stomach. I let your hair fall all around me, as I continue to make love to you. I love the smell of each strand as it hits my face, like sweet jasmine and wildflowers from the field. I taste you with my tongue and kiss, every fold as you wrap your legs around my neck. I feel your body as it starts to tremble, then taste your sweetness as it trickles down my throat. You slowly release me from your grip, then fall into my waiting arms. Just being here with you fills in that void, that I have felt for so long deep inside. With you I feel so free and complete. You are the only woman in the world for me. I place your gorgeous body back onto the bed, then kiss your lips as I whisper, "I love you!"