So I've got one. Try getting made fun of your whole entire life because you're a black girl with no butt and a big forehead. As much as I don't really like bangs, I got them recently because of the jokes. I know I shouldn't care what other people think but I'm seriously tired of it all. I have seriously heard every joke when it comes to small butts and large foreheads. "You don't have a forehead, you have a five-head" "Look! All my fingers fit on your forehead!" On the butt front, "Damn, you the first black girl I seen with no butt", "What's flat! YOUR ASS!! What's big, YOUR FOREHEAD!" (THIS WAS TOLD TO ME BY FAMILY AND CLOSE LIFE-LONG FRIENDS! Let's see, what else? "look at the back of you're skirt? It doesn't even move when you walk! Your pants make you look deformed"... One that I'll never forget, "If you take some out of your forehead and some out of you boobs, you would actually have a butt". Another one edged in my memory, "Why is it that them madd pretty girls have small boobs but girls like you got them big ones!" yeah... couldn't say anything after that one. Now I live with a family member who has the body to die for and the ass that all guys just ask about. Even my mom was like wow i never noticed how flat your butt is. I'm desperate and i kno it will never end.