My brain I swear feels like cotton balls. I just relapsed into my gaming addiction for 8 hours no breaks (except to pee of course) not my record but it's been at least a year since I've last played. Had a whole routine going but now my life's on hold until I find another job. I did bake a cake this morning, then watched some episodes I recorded on my DVR. I just got caught up in memories from the past that I haven't thought about it ages. If had friends or family I'd visit them but I don't. I've already cleaned the house, washed my car, washed my clothes, did the gardening and fixed some things around the house. Maybe tomorrow I'll get my nails done and get a new haircut. A change is as good as a holiday they say. I'll probably volunteer somewhere to pass the time. Instant happiness is helping others. I really am lonely :( I see my dad's Harley in the back yard, I really should get some motorcycle lessons but I don't feel like riding anymore. There's always something to do, don't do things tomorrow that can be done today as my dad would say. I'll not fall back into nothing.