Besides work, it was a very quiet week without him. It seems clear that my cell phone exists for communication with him, as it was unused as a phone while he was gone.

Within an hour of being home, he showered and then came over to see me. He brought me back a gift, a tumbled stone necklace. He didn't bring anything back for anyone else, not even himself. Makes me feel like pretty top priority to him, when I otherwise can't tell. But, the best was watching his video footage of his trip. I watched his snorkeling footage, which was incredible. I watched him become an island celebrity, as he decked out in a florescent mankini and strutted all over the place in it for laughs with an entourage. I watched him zipline with his sister, during which, I've never seen him happier in my life. I didn't know Dereks could get that happy. He was so radiant, making him several times more strikingly handsome than he already is. Watching him made me wish that I made him that happy. There was one picture that he showed me of him smiling in the foreground of a wonderful shot of the landscape of Roatan behind him, to which I exclaimed "wow, so gorgeous", to which he replied "it's beautiful, huh?" He had no idea that I meant HE was gorgeous. I didn't even notice Roatan behind him.

He said it was the best time of his life. I loved him sharing his trip with me, bummed that I wasn't invited (and thoroughly unable) to go. Happy that he was happy, happy that he came straight to me when he got home. Happy to have been snuggling into and soaking up his body that still radiated hot from sun and summer.