My dear gorgeous, my arms are wide open for only you to enter into them. I Always dream of the day when we can come together as one; Together Feeling our hearts beat as we gaze within each others eyes Speaking silent words of love. My dear, even when I can't see you near, I some how feel you within my heart. I close my eyes for a few moments and picture the beauty of your beautiful smile. As well as, everything about you that captivates me with such amazement. You're such an amazing kind.

So my dear, as you come to me, I hope you don't mind That I watch your very cute walk? Sometimes I watch the way you walk, and I just feel like putting my arms around you while I tell you that you have such a nice walk. I just want to say, " as you come to me my arms will always be wide open with sweet harmony for beautiful you. " Even if it's only for just a brief second as long as I get a chance to glance, or be within your beautiful presences.

((((You know who)))))