Susan Cordogan, president of Big City Bride is a convicted child molester and sexual predator!

Big City Bride is the perfect wedding planner for you IF you fancy a sexual predator planning your wedding, potentially exposing your children and other young guests to sexual assault, and having that etched in their memory for life.

Susan Cordogan, president of Big City Bride is a convicted child molester and sexual predator! Shocking, shocked; it’s shocking, and I was shocked after my appointment with her and doing an online research on her! Susan Cordogan was convicted of multiple counts of aggravated sexual assault on two minors while vacationing in the Bahamas!

It’s reported by the The Nassau Guardian that Susan Cordogan was convicted of molesting two young hotel workers under the age of16 at the Cove Eleuthera, and was subsequently sentenced to 5 years in a Bahamian prison in 2008, after which she would be repatriated back to the U.S.

The Nassau Guardian- November 11, 2008

The Cove Eleuthera’ s lack of safety measures to protect staff is being blamed after two young male employees were allegedly molested on November 10 by an American woman named Susan Cordogan.
The woman, who stayed at the hotel, allegedly called for room service, which was delivered by two young hotel workers that were working part-time. When the young waiters got to the room, Susan Cordogan was alone and propositioned them and asked them to entertain her. The young waiters told reporters that Susan Cordogan then tried to undress them, unbuttoning their pants and putting her hands on their genitals. She also threatened to file a complaint with the hotel and have them fired if they did not oblige.
According to interviews with hotel employees, employees, part-time or full-time, have never received any safety manual or been told what to do about troublesome guests. Hotel officials said that emergency buzzers were available for use, but the young workers said they had not been told about them.
The two young men said they were traumatized by the incident and reported it to police. They said that they have suffered insomnia since and are currently both on a leave of absence.