Dear Gals,
The one and only reason I left was because I felt that it was the only way I wouldn't feel pain leaving you. If I would've told you I was leaving, I'd feel guilty, guilty for leaving you all alone. I also felt that you guys would take longer to notice my departure. You'd all just think I was just absent. Honestly, I felt very alone, everyone had their own little group, I know you're all my friends, but u had the feeling that I didn't have anything in common with you all or I just completely felt like I didn't belong. Alissa, Kaellyn, Sarah, and Breshna were one group. Amy and Ana were another. Kardelen, Yaneth, and Mirla, were the last. Whether you talked about music, whether you told each other what you felt, just anything, I felt like I couldn't connect with you. I talk to Yaneth once in a while, but we're not chimerical. Sometimes, when I try talking to you all, I feel like your all ignoring me it find me uninteresting. I was just tired of always being alone, having nobody to speak to. Now that I'm gone, I feel like none if you will change, it will all be the same, if I were their it not, I will always be forgotten.