We came to each other with unlit erotica our soul.
Our minds were full of covert sensuality pleading to be released.
We were bursting at the seams, needing the same willing flesh spread in offering.
Here we were, two bodies craving shelter from the storms within ourselves. Both wishing for a mind and body equal.
We wanted doors that led to passion.
We longed for more than bared flesh.
We wanted bare bones and raw nerves, open and exposed.

We exchanged keys.
An agreement signed between needy eyes, all for the taking.
No holds barred.
Off with the innocently demure smiles and eyes hiding behind halo lenses.
To hell with boundaries.

Two lust seeking hearts pulsed in a tender embrace.
Our tongues consumed the others.
We stole the breath from each others lungs only to breath each other back to life.
Greedy, carnal fingers set out to explore as our minds led the way.
We both trembled as a pile of clothes gathered at our feet.
Tongues skimmed every inch of the flesh we consumed.
Our skin blushed a radiant glow as we became intoxicated, a high never comparable to any substance.
With tangled limbs, we exploited, explored and penetrated right down to the core.
The taste of our sweet love kept us searching for more.
We stroked, thrust, teased, plunged, worshipped and settled. In arms so open and inviting, we laid spent.
We found home.

~ Pandora Unleashed