About My Unrealistic Desire

Dear Reader,
I'm just an ordinary guy who needs love from a sweet and charming girl.
It's been 2 years I have not been involved in any relationship with any girl.
During that period of time,
I lost my charm, my very lucky and stunning charm which attract every girl that I stare at.

Since then, I become single and totally available...totally.I feel very lonely sometimes.
In this case, Let me get you straight to the point.....
I tend to like someone that I know from the internet, in other word, I like to have cyber/long distance relationship.
This is not my first time.I had once got crushed on a girl from UK, chatting buddy, but it didn't progressed...remains friends till now cause I realize my unrealistic desire.

Frustratingly, I fell in love with another girl that I knew from the social network.I'm sick.
This is totally outrageous.
We chat like a close and sweet couple.But it also did not go anywhere.
I gave up.It seems impossible for me to tell that I like her and get to be close to her.

That's all.
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we all do that. i feel for someone online too. but you're right in saying that its an unrealistic desire.
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