Love At First Sight!

So i'm 14 years old and I've moved to a new school, it's an all girls school and I've made great friends already but there's this one teacher that stands out, she's tall, and i really...
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I Suck Nutsacks

Everybody always neglects the balls, but I make them the main event for me. After all, all the lovely teste juice comes out of it. Got to treat those jewels like the pearls they are....
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Let’s Be Honest

By certain standards I was a princess. I had everything I ever needed and anything I asked for, but it was not an equitable trade. What I let happen to me mentally by confusing the...
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This Week I Remembered

I used to have potential. I used to be smart; I could answer questions in Hindi, I could name all the states. I couldn't do that now if I tried, and I know what happened. It was all...
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Not A Crazy Cat Lady

I decided that I'll never be a crazy cat lady. Not even a crazy bunny lady (even though I'd like to have lots of them). But, I AM turning into a crazy crystal lady. I just can't get...
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I Hope There Are People Out There

who will treat you the way you treat your patients and staff. It is unacceptable to maltreat the vulnerable in our society. You both need to understand the word 'maltreatment' so that...
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I Sell Furniture In A Small Town

I hate Mary Good at Good's Furniture in Kewanee Illinois. Everyone in this town knows she is a b***h. She is mean to her employees and cruel to her family. If you live in this small...
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I Hate My Mom

I can't fing stand my mother! When I was a kid we didn't get s**t! Why because she was to tweeted out to give a s**t! Now she is raising my nephew's. Those little f*****s get...
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Moving In Style

A cute trick I'm picking up on: if I throw any old random crap into a box to sort it all out after I have moved in, but then top the box off and hide the contents below with a big...
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You Bastards Stripped

me of my dignity. You stripped me of my rights. You labelled me crazy, when all of you are pazzi. When all is said and done, I will have the last laugh, because I am no longer, a...
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Borderline Splitting Issues

Don't f*****g touch me cause it hurts like a blade ok. But I want you to be around everyday.but not all the time, it's complicated. I need my space. I can't let you love me cause I'll...
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Quelling My Anxiety

It was another wonderful weekend. Every weekend has been, lately, because he has been staying the night here with me. Waking up beside him in the morning quells so many anxieties. I...
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Jumpers Link Update

This is our update sites 26.03.2018 You ´ll get only here the new update with our all sites http:/bonset.pen.io...
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How Can People Lie About Serious Issues

I would not want to associate with anyone who is dishonest, crafty or deliberately harm the most vulnerable people in our society. All those people who defended the person who...
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Attracted To Co-workers Daughter

My coworker has a daughter who is extremely hot. Blonde hair, great boobs and a tight a*s. She's 19 and very flirtatious. I volunteered to go feed my co-workers fish while she was out...
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Boring Bleak Life

Redundancy is my life. Im already tired of it and Im not even 22. Growing up I was homeless abused had to raise my siblings because my father left and my mother was never a mother....
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I Sucked A Duke Last Night

I sucked a duke's d*ck and afterwards he dookied all over my face. It was quite an evening...
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What Is Normal?

I was cheated on and abused. Cuckolded without consent, and continuously shamed for my body and looks. It’s over now, but it’s only been a few months and I think it’s left me quite...
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Love That Never Was

I love this guy. But here's the thing he's in love with my best friend. I don't know what to do should I tell him or just let it be?...
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I Hate Life

So im depressed again I so badly just want someone to talk to about it someone who will hug me when I say I’m fine and they say I know your not but that’s never going to happen cause...
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