My Secret Anxiety

I don't know why I attempt to reset my sleeping pattern - the first night will go fine, but the next night I'll wake up to a ghost standing at the bottom of the bed slowly moving...
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Need Guy Advice

Met a guy on tinder while I was home for spring break. We made early plans to hangout whenever I got back in town, which was two weeks later. We texted everyday leading up to it,...
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My Sh*ts Are Massive

I get plugged by coke-can c*cks often, so whenever I dookie, it comes out like The Incredible Hulk. Not sure why it's green though...
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Where I Thought I’d Never Be

So I had my period this past week (and part of the weekend) and it made me just a little bit crazy. Well, a lot crazy, I suppose— I’ve never suspected him of cheating on me, ever. But...
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"(((((Good Morning My Dear))))))"

I have woken up this morning with the craving of holding you close. I wish I could tell you just how much I really want to caress your gorgeous face while I look deep within your...
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Sister Or S**t?

My older sister is the worst human to have ever walked this earth. She's selfish and spineless. To add fuel to fire, she recently had an affair with my bf. yep , that's how disgusting...
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A Blog Of Young Naked Girls

My name is Jesse, and I'm a 26-year-old man. I secretly manage a blog with pictures of young naked girls. The blog is just getting started. I haven't told anyone about my blog yet....
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Legit Western Union Transfer Bug PayPal Transfer Bank Logins CPanel

-------- Hello All BUSINESS PARTNER --------- I'm hacker from CHINA. I Hack and Spam, I and my specialized team round the continent as well as Uk, France, Ca, Eu, Asia have work...
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Is My Dad Being Innapropriate

I honestly feel like I’m crazy or just have a hyperactive imagination. My dad (actually my step dad) has been making me feel very uncomfortable. I have a vague memory of being little...
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Full Blue Moon

While every good crystal owner was fussing and prepping their babies for it, and while my own were probably hoping for a soak in the full blue moon for a refreshing charge, last...
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Lying P. O. S

I have a secret life. I’ve been a victim of men and my mother my whole life. I can’t function in the world the way others do. Once long ago I created a fake persona I used online to...
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Here We Go

Well, my mother's back in the hospital. My brother went with her. I know it sounds cruel, but I would like them to stay there overnight. Yeah, I know, sounds bad. But they have...
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Bye Or Hi

every day I consider suiside it eating me up insidr what do I do I'm traped I lie to every one oh I'm fine I'm not...
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I Feel So Alone

I just feel really along right now, and like I could really use someone actually caring or giving a dam about me...
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Coming Out Today

Dear y/n, Hey it's Blue! Yes I am a girl and yes this is my coming out. I'm bisexual. I am in love with my best friend Destiny Fisher and I don't know how to tell her. And to be...
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Being Frightened Makes Me Sexually Aroused

Last night I saw a black widow and I creamed my pants...
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I Just Need To Vent; I Don't Want To Live On This Planet Anymore

I don't feel like I deserve to live on this planet. Period. I don't feel like I deserve to breathe the air we all currently breathe. I am not in a very good place in life at all. I...
2 comments | 23 days ago by Tigress @Avalontiger

Where Is My Mikey?

Where oh where is my Mikey? Is he here or there? He is somewhere not near. Where oh where are you? I miss you here, I miss you there I miss you everywhere. Where oh where is my...
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Black And Silver

I was never exactly jazzed that the furniture scheme in my apartment livingroom was silver and black. It just happened that way. It started with the futon. It only came in a silver...
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Dicks Are My Antidepressants

Whenever I get depressed, I suck a big ol huge blackie and then I'm not so glum no more! SUCK DICKS IN ORDER TO GET HAPPY (PSA)...
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