I Give Up

i can't do this anymore, it too hard, i'm in pain too much, i want to give up. It's Teenxox...
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Dear Nenci, Please do not encourage anyone to buy any medicines on line. The integrity of the medicines may be compromised. I am not sure if medicines in the pharmacy are completely...
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Only Stupid, Gullible, And People Who Have Everything Believe In God

Stupid people grow up believing in god because their stupid parents teach them to be that way. Gullible people who have no other meaning in their life gravitate towards religion...
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I Hate My Life :)

I hate everything about my life tbh , and no one should please use an example of lives of sick , disabled or supposedly "worse" people . I have my problems so one should belittle how...
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I Sucked A Bic Last Night

So I was sucking on this name brand ballpoint pen and the tip came off and I got ink all over me. Not even thinking, I swallowed it all up like a good lil goy...
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We Done It Again

This is sexy2018 and I just put on a secret on the other day about me and my stepdad lee well we have had sex again last night oh my god it was the best one we have done it was in the...
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I Still Miss Him

He still shows up in my dreams every so often. I wonder what he’s doing with his life. I wish I could see him again. It’s all but just a dream.a sweet sweet dream....
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Something I’ve Never Tried Before

So a few weeks ago, maybe a couple of months now, he was the first person to ever make me squirt. He figured out the right spots to touch and we’ve never looked back. I make a mess...
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I Stuffed A Pizza Roll Up My A*s

It was frozen when I popped it in and well done when it came out....
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Well I'm Still Here

I don't know how to handle this anymore I thought that I was finally going to be OK but I'm not. I'm falling apart all over again cause I was stupid enough to fall in love with a guy...
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How Do I Let Go Of The Past?

when I was 13, I went thru my moms phone and found out she was cheating on my dad. with men and women. I found out my mother was bi that day. later that year when I turned 14 they...
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Pace Thyself, Woman

Holy crap, now that I feel that I can, boy, do I ever want to spend. . . immediately. I want everything that I've been longing to purchase all at once, and I want to wait no second...
0 comments | 19 days ago by Mopy @Mopy

Mandingo Nutsack Sucking Party

I just got back from the 3rd Annual Mandingo Nutsack Sucking party that takes place in New York biannually. Long story short: there were Mandingo dicks abound and nutsacks got sucked....
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Boy With Crush

So i am good friends with this boy at my school, recently he has been saying he loves me and touching me all over my hands belly legs and feet. I have told him i didnt like him in...
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I Have A Rancid Vagina Fetish

I enjoy vaginas with a dash of overpowering funk. A cross between BO and BM. I want to be able to smell her a mile away. 5 days of dried period blood + yeast infection = yum yum :)...
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Lee-stepdad F**k Me

I know this sounds wrong but I am 15 and stepdad is 28 (gay) I love him so mum as soon as he had sex with my mum. I thought it was good and that I wanted him f**k me to so the first...
2 comments | 20 days ago by Sexy2018 @Sexy2018

Survival Of The Shittiest

How is everybody not thinking about death every second of every day? It's all I think about. How can you make any permanent decisions when nothing is permanent? There's no point to...
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