I Love It When Women SHlT Directly Into My GAPING MAW

I love to eat DOOKIE! It tastes so good nom nom nom nom NOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm YUM YUM DOOK :) I eat crap and then pee on meself -Dave 442-987-6632...
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I Sucked A DlCK Last Week

I am a formerly STRAIGHT MAN who sucked a hard black cork last week. It tasted so smooth in my mouth especially when he shot his hot white spunky juice.it tasted so YUMMY! I'M THE...
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I Struggle With Trying To Be A Good Person

I don't know how to change my horrible self. What is the point of doing the "right things" physically yet mentally judging and criticizing someone else. I don't know how to not judge....
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Era Shift Adjustments

The end of an era, indeed. My building is back to full-tenancy status, which means all units are occupied. And, by the sounds of things, the fun-time party building circa Derek-era,...
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Ugh Such A Bad Day

I'm lost. I'm alone. I'm suffering. I'm tired. I'm hungry. I'm idk what to do. I'm tired of everyone's crap and the world is a cesspool or crap. I'm in pain. I have had all I can take...
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My Body My Life

I'm finally getting to know me and understand that I have to care for myself. My body is breaking down. It just doesn't want to work anymore. It's done. Too much to go through. I'm...
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Being Anti Social But Wanting To Be

I'm very anti social, when I'm out with friends, I'm mainly quiet and to myself. The thing is, i want to be social. I wish i could be able to go up to anyone and talk about whatever....
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I'm Glad That I'm Gay

Honestly, the realest reason that I'm glad to be gay is that men's lingerie is so much less expensive! I just saw an ad for 60% off on a first set of Women's lingerie, but it was...
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"((((( Woken Up With You On My Mind.))))"

Before I fell asleep last night, visions of your beauty captivated my mind. I thought of your beautiful smile, the smile that makes my heart twinkle with this feeling of such desire...
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The Pain I Feel

Smiling like its only nothing, but the truth is. It's too painful for me. And I don't know why you are just looking at me....
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Re:@ You Are On My Mind

Ditto My Dear , I totally understand. I really wish we can finally hold each other close, while we gaze within each others eyes. You're very much on my mind also. I wish one day we...
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I Still Think Of You

Even though you probably don’t even remember who I am, I still think of you. Even though you will never want to talk to me again, I still want to talk to you. Even though you want...
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You Are On My Mind

You are heavily on my mind today. I'm craving you with more intensity this morning. Oh how I wish I could hold you right now. How I wish I could look into your eyes and give you my...
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I Will Wait

I will wait patiently for the day that I can be with you in reality. Being here (my imagination) is not a healthy place to be. So much said to confuse. I only say I love you here. I...
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Just Another Anxiety Attack

I have done everything I am supposed to do. Everything. I studied my a*s off, worked immensely hard so I could take this stupid state exam and get my license. Scraped up the gas money...
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My Biggest Fear

My biggest fear is as follows. One day, I'll augment my body enough to where I am basically immortal. I wont require oxygen, water, food, etc. Because of these abilities, I will...
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Clean For 30 Days

Im a professional woman, married, middle aged and have 4 grown children. Two years ago I "discovered" vicodin and loved it right away. I've been able to hide it from everyone until my...
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I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know

You came over, brought pizza and your love. We didn't even do anything last night. I think we were supposed to play Mario Kart or something, but instead we smoked and made love all...
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