"Back At One"

It's undeniable. that we should be together. It's unbelievable how I used to say that I'd fall never The basis is need to know, if you don't know just how I feel, Then let me show...
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Our Weirdo House

I was recently told to tone my POF profile down, as it is too deep, so detailed that it makes me seem boring. I don't think that boring is anything anyone who has ever been with me...
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Trannys And Men

Ive had sex with both kinds in the past even though Im very much attracted to women. I know I'm straight but I struggle internally with getting my sexual intimate needs met in vain,...
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I Do Not Love You

as if you were salt-rose, or topaz, or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off. I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul. I...
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"(((( Grasp My Blowing Kisses)))))"

My heart and thoughts are feeling as if, the nature of gravity is trying to pull me further away from you. But the truth is my heart could never fade these Feelings I have for you....
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I Will Always Love You

Taken from an extract, from the movie ~ Like Water For Chocolate In 1669, Brandt, a chemist from Hamburg, while searching for the "philosophe's stone", discovered phosphorous. My...
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Bank Logs, Wu Trf, Paypal, Cvv, Fullz, Dumps+pin Leads, Email Leads

****SHOP IS OPEN AND NOW SELLING**** Hello all new customers, I am a hacker from Guam with years of experience i now have for sale all types online offers. Buy secured Hacked PayPal...
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I'm Not Trying To Be Depressing

I'm going to be good and you will be sorry.I just have to get past this time in my life. I will meet someone worthy. I'm a good woman.I just have some real concerns as I should. I've...
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Saturday Night, Saturday Night

I can't tell tell you how happy it makes my heart to hear that your brother enjoys hanging out with us because he thinks I'm cool. I don't know if the rest of your family likes me,...
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My Online Love

I am here. You are there. I seem not to see you but my heart knows you well. I can’t come and it kills me. I have to go online so as to be able to see you near. This love of ours, I...
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Tomorrow I Hope

Something good comes of it. This pain I've endured for two weeks has to stop. I can't work or do much. It's so hard to function. I'm going to see Dr....
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Setting Up Innocence Traps

It's completely obvious as to what I'm doing. The frisbee I bought, the bicycle, the childhood street reunion last weekend and seeing people I haven't seen since childhood, feeling...
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I'm Super Depressed

So I just got a diary app so I can talk about everything going on and I am not a happy person I think about killing myself because I don't matter to the world and my friend got really...
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Dead Life Sparkle

I was most excited to be dropped off at home, today, and even a little annoyed that I wasn't here earlier. I always get excited about riding my bike, though I've only been on it...
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Finished My First Week Of My New Job!

I landed a teaching job up in Maine, im teaching algebra and geometry to 9th graders. It was a great first week :) And today's my 22nd birthday! I know it's going to be a great year....
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Call Me Dirty

Love me and fist me, by calling me at this number. Please love me right now with your d**k in my p***y. Call me at 909 543 8085...
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@@ I Wish I Knew?

Thank you for your kind words. If by any chance this could be really you, the one I truly find so amazing, who responded to my post. If it is you, please believe me I mean every word...
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Our Magical Moment

My darling sit a while with me. Let's watch the morning sun rise above the trees and mountaintops. Let's share this glass of wine and reminisce of the wonderful times that we have...
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"((((( Could You Hear My Silent Words?))))"

My dear, I really long for you to hear my Whispers of how much I really care. How can I tell you that I love to feel you nearby? Your sweetness and beauty always captivates my heart...
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Interracial Dating Is So Amazing To Me

My ex girlfriend developed an exclusive preference for black men and it is so beautiful and erotic to me. I cannot help it and believe me I have tried. How can anything be that...
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