To All Beautiful Women:

One day you will be old and you will long for the days when you were young and desirable. So enjoy it while you can. It won't last forever....
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Please Go And ****

whatever you want. Leave me alone. Go away. There are plenty of beautiful women out there. Consider me off the list. You don't need me. You just use people for your own selfish needs....
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I'm So Tired

why must I deny how I feel am I hiding it can everyone see it? do people believe i'm happy? Ive forgotten; nothing is different only me. vexed by the crippling knowledge that...
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Sex Is Everything

Sex is what life is all about. Everybody strives to have sex. People, animals, insects. That's our biological imperative in life. In order to have sex, we have to be attracted to a...
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If Love Is Based

on one thing, getting in the women's panties, you know that this love alone is not worth all the heartache. You can never tame a rover because his restless heart will never settle for...
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You And Your Broken Promises

It's not that I didn't see or understand it before. I've known how flakey you are for a while, so I don't know why I bother getting so mad when you disappoint me once again. The good...
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“When The Heart

is beautiful, its light shines through the eyes, vocal tones and actions of its master. True beauty is not in the body, but in the heart of the beholder.” ― Suzy Kassem “She has...
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Good Looks Are All That Matter In This World

Anyone who tells you any differently is lying to your f*****g face. All anybody cares about is beauty. Beauty is attractive. You want people to be attracted to you. That's nature....
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How Do You Stop Obsessing

I can't get him out of my head, unrequited love for someone that wants nothing to do with me. Everyday I'm desperate, obsessive, compulsive, impulsive. I just want to let go, move...
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I Love You, Even If You Haven't Noticed

I love you. I have for a while now, even if you haven't noticed. You had a boyfriend, you'd been together two years, and I respected that. I pushed my feelings deep down inside me,...
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Thank You Kind Stranger

For your beautiful words. Words I wanted so much came from such a lovely stranger and I will be forever grateful for your compassionate gift....
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Molesting My Stepdaughter

Last night i was watching tv my two girls and step daughter was sleeping on the floor. My stepdaughter was not sleeping but keep putting her butt in the air. She just had panties and...
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" @Re: Beauty Do Yourself.""""

Stop b******g, It's the places you go, or the environment you place yourself in. Try hanging with better sets of people, besides you can avoid situations like that by not allowing...
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I Sincerely Enjoy It When The Nutsack Juice Comes Out My Body

It's something I strive to do over and over again because it's so pleasurable. The best part is when the nutsack juice comes out and lands on another person's face or body. That's my...
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You Are A Priceless Masterpiece

You are my everything. You are one of those priceless paintings Michelangelo created. The creation of Adam is one of the masterpieces, you remind me of. You breathed life into me....
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Just For Once

I would like to be called beautiful. But not in the simple way of ,"oh, you're beautiful" but in a way when you secretly tell your friends about that amazing girl you crush on. When...
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RE: "Beauties Do Themselves Forsake"

Try being ugly and see how much you like it. Nobody will take the time to get to know you. Everyone will be repelled by your outside appearance. You'll be a pariah and always envious...
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"Beauties Do Themselves Forsake"

Every man that has wanted me this week, has only wanted me for my pretty face. Every man that has flirted with me, whipped his head around midway through turning, rolled his window...
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Women Can Have Sex Whenever They Want

They call the shots. All they have to do is open their legs, and the men come a'running at their beck and call. Women have all the power. That's why men rape....
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Please Don't Give Up

I LOVE you. I FORGIVE you. I will NEVER FORSAKE you. You and I, are ONE of a KIND. I will WAIT another hundred years, for you. TRUE LOVE is PATIENT. I know that things will work out...
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