I Love Vaginaaaaa

I want someone to eat me out and finger me so fast I cant breathe. Pleaseeee. I had a threesome with two other girls and one of them sucked my clit and stuck her tounge in ne and the...
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@ Finger Sticking!

You are so sickening! Such BS you wast your time writing such filth! Whomever has written those several posts of nasty garbage Has major issues of all kinds! SO pathetically sad!...
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"(((((( I'm Thinking Of You.))))"

Brief moments throughout the day, my heart sends tender thoughts within my mind of you and I. In my thoughts I'm wishing I could hold you, while we're both comfortably on a couch,...
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I Think I Kinda Like You

Tbh I kinda like u. But Ik if I say it to your face you and and all my friends will disown me so im just going to coward behind a screen....
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Women Don't Poop

I have a theory that women don't poop. This is based on the fact that I have never seen a woman poop. And I have installed cameras in the ladies' room. So my hypothesis is that women...
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I'm a very sad individual. I have literally no reason to live. I'm going to f*****g kill myself. All because nobody ever has or never will give a s**t about me. So F**K YOU....
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I Want A Man To Pay Me To Travel To Him

I hate working and all I like to do is travel. I like it when a guy pays for my travels and i have sex with him. I use an Instagram account to show where i have been. recently a guy...
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I'm Gay

Always have been and always will be. I'm coming out for the first time today. Feels good....
6 comments | 3 days ago by FormerlyStraight @FormerlyStraight

I Love To Stick Fingers Up My Tush

Why doesn't anybody love me?...
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Brunch With Jamie

That was really awkward. I'm sorry to have disappointed you, I could tell I did, so I overcompensated. Whatever. It cost me, but my conscious is sorta clear, now. I know how to fix...
11 comments | 3 days ago by Mopy @Mopy

They Are About You

Sitting and talking for hours, telling stories, laughing at exes, you smiling, me blushing. Texting all day, smirking at my phone. Pulling it out fast once I hear a beep. I get...
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Random Fact About Me

So I've just realised this, but if I were to record whenever I masturbate, you could create a chart wich tells when whenever I feel good about my life or if I'm really "unhappy"....
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I. Am. Gay

I'm gay. I've never told anyone. I like girls. I just really needed to get this off my chest. Much love, Mathias...
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Gay A F

I am Gay A F. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for reading. Goodbye for now. Take care then....
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'Bating 'til You Vomit

Sometimes I jack off so hard that I start upchucking at the exact moment of orgasm and I don't know whether I'm coming or going....
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The Science Of Orgasm Shuddering

Isn't the best part of orgasm when your body starts shuddering uncontrollably like you're having a seizure? It's that moment right where you let go -- when nothing else invariably...
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Blind Cøck Taste Test

So I recently decided to do a blind cøck taste test and line up a bunch of different men from different cultures, races, religion, backgrounds, etc. From white to Ethiopian. I...
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I Love Cummming

I love to cumm. It feels so freaking good i start to squeal with joy when my body starts shuddering and i pee myself...
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Killed It (not In The Good Way)

This town is small. Thank the lord. It was my first open mic and it was not my lovely guitar that was basically abused by my incompetence. The microphone sounded so nice, too. My...
1 comment | 6 days ago by Mopy @Mopy