I'm Straight But I Have Sex Exclusively With Men

I'm a man and I have sex with other men even though I am the most heterosexual person alive. It started when I went to prison for B&E and I got. . .taken advantage of in the shower. I...
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Go On, Take, And Get The Life You Want

Take what you want. Because, nothing is going to fall into your lap. Nothing that you truly want will ever be handed to you. What am I even doing here? PEI isn't here, it's there,...
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I feel very very very very sad. I don't know how to verbalize what I feel. Except I feel I can't change. I'm stuck. It's hard to explain. I suffer from agoraphobia. I lack any sort of...
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Still Dream Of You

You're still my missing piece. Willl love you forever. I hope you're doing well, sweet girl. Life has been empty. I counted on us....
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Wht The F**k Is Wrong With Me?

Last month I had my period later than I was supposed to. And then I only had it for 3 days. This month I havent had it so far. And idky. I hate this. I am kinda stressing out over it...
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I S'd A D

Until the nutmeg started to flow. I'm not proud of my actions but they happened. May God have forgiveness on my everlasting soul...
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To The Lost Opportunity

I like to think about the what if, even if I’m not supposed to. I like to listen to the songs that remind me of you, and I know I shouldn’t, but only I know I do it. I’m constantly...
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I Am Stupid

there was a project in class and I turned in the flash drive with my free time stuff on it .YAY....
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I'm So Sad Because I Am 21 And No Guys Seem Interested In Me/seem To

I am 21 and I have never had a bf, asked out, or dated. I just witnessed a girl right in front of me getting hit on and cold approached by men while I am never hit on by men. In...
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The Day Where Everything Went Amazingly

Wow. Started by finding a toonie, so that I could actually take the bus to work instead of hoofing or cabbing it like I was going to. Dropped a birth control pill (which are the...
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" You're Gorgeous In Every Way."

My dear, I just couldn't take my eyes off you, but I made sure nobody seen my eyes shifting all over you. That shirt looked so sexy on you. For a moment, I wanted to gently caress my...
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Thank You Immensely

for setting me free. Many lessons have been learnt. The contractual agreement has been fulfilled. Thank you from the bottom of my heart....
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How We Got Taken For A Ride

Let's say you're a disinterested party -- an alien from Mars perhaps -- and wonder what's happening politically in the good ole U.S.A. once you're adjusted your equipment for Earth's...
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The Gay Store

The little badge store is run by a disgusting gay guy who preys on young boys. Be careful of going scape orchard or jcube javenue and risk molestation. Sells sub standard qualitry...
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I'm Scared That My Dad Is Gonna Rape Me

It all started some years ago when he'd touched my breasts and butt. I was about 11 that time, now i'm 14. And now he sends messages to me about that he wants me to come to his bed...
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" My Feelings For You."

We all have bad days as well as good ones too. Days are very unpredictable even if we plan them perfectly by every minute; however, it never really happens that way. I guess that's...
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Venting Need Time

There's only one person in this world who is welcome to invade any of my free time, at any time she likes, and it's because she's amazing and kind to me, who knows and loves me. But,...
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A Sexual Drive And A Commited Relationship

I've had 4 Girlfriends my entire life. 2 were forgetable, but the thrid meant a lot to me. I was with her the longest and she was my first everything. First kiss, first real date,...
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Sylvan Lachance A*s Devouring

I would eat your a*s out until I got to the beef jerky you had in highschool. You are a beautiful lady and I'm proud to orbit in your world!...
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When Love Is True

We make a beautiful pair when love is in the air True love is heart to heart That's where it should have its start Now I can write about your body parts and describe your bust but...
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