Is It Normal For Ejaculate To Expel Out Of My Bunghole When I Orgasm?

Sometimes when I blow a big one, my body can't take the propulsion and it comes out of all available holes. I start squirting cumm out my shithole! ! !...
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My Peep Is Nine And A Half Inches Long If I Measure From My Lower Back

. . ....
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Review Of SatoshiDice, An Bitcoin Gambling Website

Review: SatoshiDICE Bitcoin and Blockchain are arguably one of the most discussed subjects today. Seeing a rise from less than $1,500 at the start of 2017, and reaching up to $20,000...
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Weird F*****g Dream #1

Holy f**k. TLDR: Took a little nap because it was slow at work, and wow, I really wish I didn’t. This dream was really interesting to me and I don’t want to forget it, so I’m going...
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I'm Tired Of All This

1 - He's gone. 2 - I think I'm depressed. 3 - I want to go home. 4 - I'm so tired. 5 - I don't know what to do about us. 6 - I can't support you. 7 - I can't forgive those words, I'm...
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Born To Hand Jive, Baby

I hand jive every single night of my entire life. How low can you go How low can you go How low can you go How low can you go . . . Now there's cumin comin out my cockhead...
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Week Without Kid

I didn't post of it here, but ever since Derek has moved back to town, he has been at my apartment more than his place. He just invites himself and stays, or if he's out and about,...
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It’s Finally Over

So I told my friend about how my dad came In my room the other night and touched me (she knows the everything I trust her with my life ) and I told her I wanted to talk to my schools...
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Getting Raped But I Enjoy It

Idk what do , i really don't, i get sexually abused by my classmate, he's a guy and i never resist it , i feel helpless and vunerable , with the slightest opportunity he has he slips...
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What About Opinions

I respect your right to your opinion. Say, well, text what you like when you like where you like to whom you like you get the picture. Write it in crayon on a dirty bathroom wall....
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I’m Still Here

So surprisingly I’m still here. A couple days ago I took 18 pills but was going to take 20 but the bottle was almost empty and it looked like so many pills that I decided that would...
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My Dad Touched Me

Ok so look in 12 (but it happens when I was 11) so my sisters and me were all laying down in the living room Untill they fell asleep. My dad went to the patio to smoke outside and he...
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My Biggest Secret

My biggest secret that I've been hiding for such a long time is the biggest one that anyone can keep and keeping it to myself kills me, but I know if anyone were to find out my life...
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I Eat Underage Cócks

Every single cóck I put in my mouth is under 18 years old. In fact, most of them don't live longer than a few weeks before they are consumed....
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One Would Think

that I have outgrown you and have released you from my heart. Perhaps, you no longer see me, The same way I see you. Perhaps, you are telling me to move forward, And see our...
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Can’t Relax And Would Like Advice

I’m trapped in a town and community where I don’t feel safe and happy. My Spouse and their other are popular here and it has interfered with me socially. They will not come forward...
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I Will Always Love You

No one can break this strong connection I have with precious you. We come from the same soul family. We are attached to the same umbilical cord. We are made of the same matter. We...
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Trooper For Awhile

I let the date get to me. Coupled with the misery of how I felt, last night. It's all connected. I just let myself be miserable and sulk and wallow. Screw it. I have been a relatively...
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All We Wanted Was A Lover To Call Home

We came to each other with unlit erotica our soul. Our minds were full of covert sensuality pleading to be released. We were bursting at the seams, needing the same willing flesh...
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Why So Mad

It's hard to be a natural born weirdo and like yourself at the same time. No wonder life feels like a constant fight or struggle, because defensiveness is always heightened. No one is...
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