Frequently Asked Questions

  1. So, what is SecretTalk?

    If you have some secret stories but you can't find the right person to share, SecretTalk might be the ideal place for you. You can post your story under your personalized "username" or remain completely anonymous.

  2. Who is the ID Ryan?

    He is the creator of this website.

  3. Can I post anything I want?

    As long as your posts meet the community rules.

  4. What is reputation score?

    It means how much SecretTalk trusts you, the more reputation you have, the more privileges you will get when using this site.

  5. How does the reputation system work?
    • When a user vote your story/comment up, you will receive 1 reputation.
    • When a user vote your story/comment down, you reputation will subtract 1 score.
    • Voting a story/comment up requires at least 0 reputation
    • Voting a story/comment down requires at least 50000 reputation
    • A user can earn a maximum of 30 reputation each day.
    • A user can cast a maximum of 40 votes each day.
  6. Can I delete my account?

    SecretTalk doesn't have this feature yet, but you can always delete or edit your stories and comments. So, don't worry, they are under your own control.