I Imagine Many Times

that you walk casually and excitedly towards me. You have that familiar humongous, smile on your face. The moment has come, when the two hungry, insatiable lovers, lock eyes and...
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You Are Every Breath That I Take

Lying beside you I look into your eyes, taking in all of your beauty one moment at a time. With every step that I take I want you to know that I will always be faithful to only you....
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Completely Forgot About This Place

It's been a while, much happend. :) It's good growing older sometimes. I see cynic is still attacking people here lol some people apparently don't grow up. Wondering if any of my...
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" Very Certain, But Yet It's Still A Bewildered Mystery."

My dear, it's been a month now that I've been quietly trying to figure out if it's really you? I do have a strong indication that it is, but yet I'm in a quandary of wether I should...
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The Big Bang

I am so grateful I connected with you. When we gazed into each others eyes, we not only got to touch each others hearts. We penetrated each others souls. You are my life, my love, my...
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I Sucked A Duck Last Night

His name was Mr. Quackers...
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I'm Disgusted By My Boyfriend Right Now

These past few days have been not great. Already, I'm on the fence. He demands my attention all the time, questions things I do, even called me naive. But this morning took the...
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Soon I Will Have My Revenge

January 20. Less than two weeks from now. Mark it on your calendars. The world will feel my crushing vengeance. The libtards will quake in fear with my newfound power. Sad!...
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The Chicago Four

I watched the entire Chicago video. I had to. I don't know why, it wasn't out of fascination or anything. I just wanted to know all the facts before making my own opinion. But as time...
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" Use Your Imagination."

Remember when I was telling you how forgetful I was? Then you said you were too. However, the object fell to the floor than I bended down to pick it up ; the first thing that came to...
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I Killed A Part Of Myself

Bear in mind I speak metphorically. I had a friend once. She used to talk to me all the time. We loved each other, in a deep manner that cannot be described with words. We were best...
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He Kissed Me

A few days before New Year's Eve, I had made a private decision that I discussed nowhere else with anyone. It has been a tumultuous week with Derek's ex's infamous visit, Dillon's...
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Happy New Year My Love

H ave a wonderful and happy new year. A lways remember to do your very best. P lace your pride upon the shelf this year. P ack a bag and take a well deserved trip. Y ou can take a...
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" A Few Moments In Thought."

Within that moment, I so much wanted to kiss you. But I'm so happy that I got a hug from you. I just want to say before I leave from my temporary room , it's been another nice year...
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" Close To My Heart."

As I'm Away for the weekend, I carried thoughts of you close to my heart. As I lay here I'm looking around the room wishing you were here, so I could tell you how beautiful you are....
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I'm A Female, Who Confessed My Feelings Of 10yrs To My Female Friend

I've been out since high school, which lead to this female friend and I having a sexual encounter ten years ago. Since she has moved to Italy, and now has a child and trying to work...
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I Was Raped At Age 14

I am a mother of four at age 33 and i'm due in a few days for my 5th. I have a son who is 19, a daughter who is 16, another daughter who is 12, a son who is 6. I have only told my...
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'Cause If The Whole World Was Watching I'd Still Dance With You <3

Drive highways and byways to be there with you Over and over the only truth Everything comes back to you Mmmmm I'll never stop loving you. How could I? How could I stop loving apart...
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Get In Line

I wish I would cut this guy completely out, too. He needs to begin a new chapter in his life with all that he desires and wishes for, a life that reflects what's in his heart. And,...
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I Wish You A Merry Christmas

M ake every moment count this Christmas E ach day find a way to bring joy to everyone you meet R emember the reason for the season my friend R each out like never before and touch...
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