This Is So Frusterating

I want to be a sugar baby so bad.! Most of the time I don't want anything.I just like to give head. But I can't because everyone I meet calls me jailbait or a troll because I'm 16....
2 comments | 2 months ago by SuperSweet @SuperSweet

My Labia Hangs Down Like An Old Pair Of Balls

I have extraneous skin on my labia majora. It hangs between my legs like a piece of loose skintag. Sometimes when I exercise, it gets caught in the folds of my thighs....
1 comment | 2 months ago by QueefyMcGee @QueefyMcGee

What Is With All These Posts About Sucking Dicks?

Why is every other post about sucking dicks? Do we really need to know about this? It's gross and disgusting and I don't want to have to read about it every other post. I mean, I...
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"((( Silent Thoughts Will Never Be Spoken.)))"

Time shifts in random directions hoping for one day my thoughts can meet with your's, but only my silentwhispers wish you can see how much you mean to me. A beautiful scenery is...
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"(((( Straight From My Heart))))"

The touch of your fingertips aspires my beating heart , and within my thoughts I could still feel your beautiful embrace from your past touch. Your beautiful face haven't left...
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Do Not Confess

I want to f**k my co worker so bad it hurts. I obsess about f*****g him constantly. I won't ever act on it. We are both married. But it has taken me completely by surprise. It's an...
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"Love Song For A Vampire"

Come into these arms again And lay your body down The rhythm of this trembling heart Is beating like a drum It beats for you - It bleeds for you It knows not how it sounds...
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All I Want

is for you to be happy. To always be in love. To be blessed with good health. To find peace within. Anything less, makes me :'(...
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You Were The One

You were the only person, Who treated me with kindness And respect, When all the wolves and vultures, were trying to crucify me. You were the one, who noticed me , in a crowded room,...
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"(((( The First Time I Saw Your Beautiful Face.))))))"

Everything around me went blank, and all I could see was you. Within moments I wanted to get to know you. The second you started talking to me there was something about you that...
0 comments | 3 months ago by openarms @silentwhispers

I Instantly Recognised You

the moment I first set my eyes, on adorable you. You were patiently waiting for me, and it was like the heavens above, had opened up, for you to breathe life and past memories into...
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RE: No Such Thing As God

Anon If you don’t believe why capitalize His name? Maybe your life is so s****y because He’s doing everything He can to keep your life from being mega-s**t. Maybe this person you...
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The Eternal Loser

As if this isn't already hard enough on me. I just had a disheartening conversation about my future living arrangements. This time, there was no open mind whatsoever about being in...
2 comments | 3 months ago by Mopy @Mopy

Why Do People Bother Trying?

I don't get people. I don't understand this perseverance of spirit. If things are bad, what is the impetus for things to get better? Things don't get better. They just get worse....
0 comments | 3 months ago by nihilistic @nihilistic

Death And Sex

I hate being here, the people suck. But my dads falling apart and my grandparents are dying. I would be better somewhere with hookers or escorts. I have a personality disorder and i...
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My Hero :D

For the second time in 11 years here, I was iced in, today. I had an alternate exit, so it wasn't an emergency, but there are issues with using that other exit, so it's not trusty....
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Friend Accidently Touched Daugther Inappropriately While Sleeping

Hi, I heard from a friend that was in quite an emotional state. I trust him with my life and so I am going to try to take him at his word, however, there is always a chance this is...
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La Forza Della Vita

I can never understand what compels people to do nasty things to their fellow human being. No one ever wins when you are vexatious towards one another. Please don't waste another...
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This Isn't A Game Of Hard-to-get, Just Get Hard Gone

People are simply some f****d up kind of stupid. What kind of wackjobbery is it when you are told that a specific person is going through some personal crap and will have no free...
1 comment | 3 months ago by Mopy @Mopy

Re: Come Back Cynic!

What do you mean by Cynic come back? He/she has been here all along. Cynic is the one who has been filling this whole place with sickening post! See Cynic got bored with commenting on...
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