Time Stands Still

When I swim deep, into the pools of your, mesmerizing eyes. I loose myself in you and want to stay, safe within you, like a caterpillar, protected in its chrysalis. Lets be like the...
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Bonnie Tyler ~ Turn Around Bright Eyes

Turnaround, every now and then I get a little bit lonely and youre never coming round Turnaround, every now and then I get a little bit tired of listening to the sound of my tears...
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" I've Been Craving For A Very Special Heart Felt Touch."

The touch of her hand in mine, made me feel so much like softy kissing each of her fingertips while I gaze within her beautiful eyes. With every soft feeling I feel from gently...
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WTF Is This, Middle Earth? Magic Number 9 Returns

The last time I heard from my #9, Dan, was in September before he stood me up for the second time without word. This morning, like 5am, I got a text "so, how's the new job, Amy?"...
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I Will Always

LOVE the way you wooed me. You tenderly watched over me, like a guardian angel. Then you gently made love, to me, like no other. I crave for this kind of love. Please, don't be upset...
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I Hope You Are Doing Well

there has been a block in our telepathic communication. Lately, I have not had the reassurance of you coming to me in my visions or dreams. I hope life is treating you well and that...
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Re: Oh Hello ,You Just Want To Prove Something

And are you blameless? Does it not take two for a relationship to begin and end? Are you sure you have clearly stated everything that needed to be said? Did you even try in the...
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Is There Any

end to this madness or will there be a happy ending? Should of, could of, would of ~ but what if dreams came true and you and I were part of it? God put you and I together for a...
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" Blowing Kisses Within Every Flake."

My dear, do you remember a few posts that I have written for you about the snow? Well sweet heart, I would like to say it again, " within every snow flake that comes down," those are...
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I Can't Make This Sh!t Up

Actually, I can, but I never would, as it's otherwise unbelievable and terribly unpleasant. Derek asked if he could come over to watch the Walking Dead, last night. I agreed, all was...
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God Damn Hippies

I took a nap and had a dream I was smoking a bong, so, after I woke up I went out and bought a bong. I'd call that a successful weekend. Time to break this bad boy in....
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My Twin Flame

is a reflection of myself. My twin is the most beautiful angelic person I have ever met. My twin is the other half of my soul. My twin is strong. My twin is so intelligent. My twin is...
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With Love Only

Sometimes when I watch you, you seem like the same person that I once knew but sometimes you feel so distant. So I watch from a distance, but never able to do more than I could....
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How Would You Feel

How would you feel if you knew that there was one person out there who thinks about you even when he tries not to? If one person wanted the best for you in every way possible, even if...
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Who Am I?

Who am I today? I'm a seventeen year-old boy from England. I'm a nineteen year old boy in Australia. I'm a sixteen year old boy from New York. This cyber love comes at a cost, a cost...
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Mr. Enigma Part 1

I dreamt of you again. It was a wonderfully terrifying dream. But I dreamt of the many different ways we could meet. What would I wear? In every dream,we met unexpectedly. You never...
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" You're Beautiful In Every Way."

No matter who comes my way to talk to me, I always wish it's you that I'm talking with. Whenever there's traffic between us, I could still reach you by feeling your presence nearby,...
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Always In My Heart

Your smile still hangs on the walls of my heart. Your heavenly voice sings me to sleep each night. The warmth of your embrace still sets my soul at ease. You're still here with me...
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Done With Being 15 Almost Done With Almost Being 16: Volume 1

Hopefully this doesn't get taken the wrong way but I'm honestly done with my life right now. Im not in the worst situation but I'm not in the best one either. In the course of about...
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We're Just Talking

So I've been on an dating app. Why? Because I've been sad and lonely and wanted to talk to people, which I specified whenever I talked to anyone in that app. I'm not looking for...
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