New Start -

You hated ice skating, so I stopped going. You hated my hair down and when I wore my heels because they made me look tall, so I tied up my hair and wore flats. You don't drink, so I...
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I Don't Want To Live On This Planet Anymore

Everything and everyone is so boring all the time. I just want to do fun stuff. I want to be happy. Everybody seems content working and being miserable. That's just the way the world...
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The World Is A Masquerade

The world is one big masquerade And in the background I fade. I’m not what I appear to be. This mask is not really me. I hide the pain with a pleasant face. I duck behind into a...
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Am I An Incel?

I never heard of the term until this past week. Involuntarily Celibate. That describes me to a T. But I don't identify with the terrorist community who wishes harm on the opposite...
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I Want To Get To Know You Well

I want to get to know the real you, the wonderful woman you are. Want to know everyting, so give me a clue. Because you are more than a beautiful star. I want to know why you cry at...
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Back From Roatan

Besides work, it was a very quiet week without him. It seems clear that my cell phone exists for communication with him, as it was unused as a phone while he was gone. Within an...
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I Don't Know What's The Point Of Anything Anymore

I've tried to find solace in ordinary things, in boring things, mundane things that make me "happy" or at least temporarily satisfied. That works for the most part, until I am...
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I Shoot Sperm Everywhere

Everywhere I go, I leave DNA behind. The walls, the floors, the ceilings. Faucets, handles, curtains, sheets, professional equipment. There's nothing you can touch that I haven't shot...
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I Queef Out Of My Penis

An unfortunate side effect of Flomax (for enlarged prostates) is a thing called retrograde ejaculation wherein the semen goes inward into the bladder instead of being expelled outward...
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What About Opinions

I respect your right to your opinion. Say, well, text what you like when you like where you like to whom you like you get the picture. Write it in crayon on a dirty bathroom wall....
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My Biggest Secret

My biggest secret that I've been hiding for such a long time is the biggest one that anyone can keep and keeping it to myself kills me, but I know if anyone were to find out my life...
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One Would Think

that I have outgrown you and have released you from my heart. Perhaps, you no longer see me, The same way I see you. Perhaps, you are telling me to move forward, And see our...
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I Will Always Love You

No one can break this strong connection I have with precious you. We come from the same soul family. We are attached to the same umbilical cord. We are made of the same matter. We...
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Trooper For Awhile

I let the date get to me. Coupled with the misery of how I felt, last night. It's all connected. I just let myself be miserable and sulk and wallow. Screw it. I have been a relatively...
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All We Wanted Was A Lover To Call Home

We came to each other with unlit erotica our soul. Our minds were full of covert sensuality pleading to be released. We were bursting at the seams, needing the same willing flesh...
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Reply To: I'm Devoted To You

You must sincerely love your other half and this is the way love should be. Unconditional, genuine, heartfelt and sincere. You both deserve each other. You understand her and she...
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I'm Devoted To You

I never thought or I could ever feel something so strong and true as I feel with you, how my heart opens up to you totally never feeling any fear or apprehension could come to me....
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Hey There Guys,

I know times get rough. I have been having a rough time for sure. But I just wanted to reach out and say I hope you, personally, are having a good day today and can find at least one...
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I Can’t Keep This Up

So I don’t know what to do anymore it’s not like I can trust people enough to open up to them. So I opened up to Luke and he dumped me cause he didn’t know how to handle someone as...
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"((((( With Gentle Soft Whispers ))))"

Gentle warm words spoken, but not with the words I truly want to speak. These feelings beneath my heart silently signals to you each time I look within your gorgeous pool's of...
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