Crossing Our Paths

We both were on a journey, the one we know as life. You had your own husband, I had my own wife. Many things in our lives were not meant to be. We both really tried so hard, just to...
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An Unexpected Thought

In an unexpected way we came face to face .I never thought it would be possible. I’d seen you in my dreams, we have walked holding hands many a times in my deepest thoughts. I...
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Waves Of Love

Dreams of you and me. Making love on a deserted island. Tranquil waters drifting around us. You squeeze my manhood, I roll you over and tend to your mound. Sweet scent of our sex...
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"(((( My Hankering Wish.)))))"

I dream of the day when we can spend just one morning together until the night. That would be nice just to walk around the lake front with you, while we gaze within each others eyes...
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I'm Done Wiggling You

You're like that loose baby tooth, hanging on by the thinnest of strings to the gums, flapping in the wind, yet holding on with might to each laugh, breath, whistle. You're of no use,...
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Why Does It Hurt So Much

Today you have disturbed me much,you made me restless I couldn't concentrate on my work every now and then you made me come to you with a wish I could look into your eyes. Your...
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" To Brilliant Synic."

I have a question about your brilliance. I just wanted to know out of curiosity, since you never had written errors in all the area's of your life; I just want to know how that must...
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I Am Groot

Played it suave when I said goodbye, tonight. I didn't lean over and kiss him or tell him that I love him, that he was so dreamy. I didn't jump up and down and squeal out of absolute...
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Some Random Thoughts

The most beautiful things don't survive for a long time that is the irony of life.We keep believing, we keep thinking what we like to think and we make the reality unreal, the...
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My Lost Love

Love.the reason for my dopamine rush. We both know it can't last longer and it never will. Even then we love each other and care each other. We are addicted to one another. We...
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Working Happily Now

Life is wonderful. I have a fulfilling job, great friends, and actually enjoy myself and like myself. It weird because 10 years ago I'd never picture even half of this. but it makes...
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! Silent Thoughts!

I don't really want to pen my thoughts now because I feel though these words gave me the greatest gift of my life yet have made me stand on a ground where one step forward there is...
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A Secret I Thought Would Be Hidden Forever

Ok, so here's a secret I thought I'd take to my grave . . . I'm not hugged a lot. So I always want one. Every time I see people hugging I get jealous. That's how often it happens to...
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"((( Thinking Of You With Tender Foundness.)))"

My dear, I woke up this morning with tender foundness thoughts of you. I could never run out of these feelings I have for you. Feelings that causes such sensational goosebumps down...
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My Life's First Chapter

This note is not meant, to explain why I did what I did, but it is simply meant to give a backstory to my story. When I was little (although I didn't realize it) my father was...
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First Time In Forever!

I normally bottle up my feeling, so it been hard to show my feeling. That means that it's been hard to cry. It's no longer normal for me, but in the first time in forever I cried!...
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"(( Thoughts Of You))"

At this moment, I'm laying down on the couch with my iPad, and of course thoughts of you are pleasantly occupying my mind. So, I decided to post my thoughts of you. In my thoughts,...
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Message In A Bottle

I don't know you, you don't know me, but we have been searching for each other for years. I've tried to make past relationships work, but to no avail. Too many issues, too much drama,...
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Let Me Take You

Let me take you and cuddle :) . I’ll let you know that you are pretty :) . Prettier than any other girls, if that can make you happy to know. LOL....
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Rejected By The Only Person I Truly Want

Hi, it's a long long story but I really liked this guy and he doesn't want to date anyone right now, which is totally understandable. It hurts, being rejected, but I appreciate his...
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