Thinking Of You

I think of you everyday, missing and craving your touch. Wishing thing were different. Always now how much i care for you, and that I will never forget what we had....
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One Kiss Reveals It All

Come, let me take you into my world, where passion flows through the veins so intense that it can’t be ignored. With one kiss, I can open your heart, your soul to the passion and...
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It Has Been A

___ long time since someone has literally deeply hurt my feelings. Recently, I've noticed that it is finally happening. I'm kind of glad because I haven't felt too connected with my...
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"(((( Imagine My Touch))))"

My dear, Before you turn over to fall asleep image that I'm next to you. I'm gently caressing your beautiful face, as I momentarily whisper to you, " it feels amazing lying here...
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Wherever You Are

No one knows better than me how non reciprocation hurts.so before I begin this I want to say sorry for maintaining silence. I don't even know what I am going to write here but one...
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Rum And Wine

I secretly put flavored rum in my wine when having dinner with my bf because I don't like the taste of wine but I don't want him to judge me....
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Would You Ever Miss?

Would you ever truly miss a chance to get the perfect kiss? Snuggled up in tight embrace, with a loved one face to face, passion sparkling in the eye, heart racing in deep sigh....
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Looking For Your Face - Rumi

From the beginning of my life I have been looking for your face but today I have seen it Today I have seen the charm, the beauty, the unfathomable grace of the face that I was...
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Impossible Describing Love

The first words come out and I can see this secret will be about you. I can't believe that I can breathe without you, but all I need to do is carry on. The next sentence I write down...
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(((("It Is The East & Juliet Is The Sun"))))

Love is loud and love is generous. It's built on altruistic actions, not fantasies. Contrarily, this obsession I call "love" is self-serving, providing nothing but a public pity party...
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Feeling Sentimental And Blessed

I forget how much I take granted of everything. My vision that my brother gave me by buying my first pair of glasses in 11th grade. My friends who patiently took notes or told me what...
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" @@ @ Trees, Fences, And Greener Grass.""

First of all, if this isn't the person I posted that for, then please I'm not asking for your advice! Second of all, you don't know anything about thiis Unless, your the person I was...
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@@ """ East And Juliette Sun!"""

Do you have a problem with those written "posts that have nothing to do with you?" Are you jealous that they don't pertain to you? If not, why is it so hard for you to comprehend...
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"(((( Pausing Thoughts To Unanswered Questions))))"

Since I left yesterday, every few moments I'm pausing to look away with thoughts of, "was I too prominent with wearing my heart upon my sleeve?" If so, I'm sorry, but sometimes I just...
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My Dearest, Matthew

Sometimes I ask myself why it was I who was born, and not you. You would've done much more good than me. At least, that's what I believe. As my older brother who has never been born,...
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"((((( Good Morning Beautiful))))"

My dear, I have woken up this morning thinking of you. I was craving for a tender hug from you. Sweetheart I'm always craving for your lovely touch even if it's just a little tap on...
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No Story Just Words

To subside the dangers of ones mind you must learn control the things in life that are clearly uncontrollable. People say guns kill people but guns can't go off themselves. The human...
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The Butterflies Of Love

The butterflies of love flutter their approval with every message received from you. My heart quickens as your name crosses my lips and your image presents in my mind. We may be some...
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Thought Of You

Caught in my mind, your smile, the way you write your emotions on here, then leave your posting unsigned. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx...
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RE: Family With Him

I am sorry to hear your feeling upset. Do you really think Hurting yourself will make you feel better? And if your feeling this way you should definitely tell someone that you trust...
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