Three Years Too Late

Happy Birthday beautiful. I know it has been too long. You've changed. I am to lost to be saved. And nothing can heal your trust in me. But to this day I still reach for your hand on...
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Advice Not Taken

I don't have to take your feedback. Dear coworker, I don't care. I reject your opinion. I don't care if you think I don't have "boundaries" or that I'm "gullible", or "easily taken...
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There's No Such Thing As Someone For Everyone

There's no such thing as someone for everyone because there's no one for me. I'm a straight white cis male and there's no place for me anymore. Which sucks because there never was a...
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You Were Watching

It’s interesring. When I first joined this site I was NOT in a good place. But thinking back on it now so much has changed. I went from living at home and being near suicidal from...
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Depression Rears Its Ugly Head Again

What I've noticed about depression is that it allows me to see the truth without filters. It boils everything down to its cynical, pessimistic essentials. So I have to reiterate...
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I Miss Them

So since I don't see my dad anymore I can't see my dog tiny who was everything to me think of it like this she felt like a daughter to me imagine losing your daughter and my dog ceelo...
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What A Weird World We Live In

It's not even the end of the week and already we know the President's d**k looks like Toad from Super Mario Bros and his pubes look like Bumble from the Rudolph special, Bert and...
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I'm Not Dead

To the person saying the world would be better without me I don't even know what to say I tell myself that every single day and since your acting like you are a lot older then me I'm...
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Happy People Are A Trigger For Me

How am I supposed to be happy for others when my life is a veritable wasteland? I can't even muster up the energy to pretend. Other people have it better than me, that much is clear....
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I Want Death

Well I started going out with this guy and he asked for pictures and I kept telling him no until I was in a bad state and he took advantage of it and got them out of me and the next...
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I'm Starting A Postgraduate Diploma

After like over 15 years out of uni, I'm going to start a distance learning postgraduate programme over children's literature! I've been toying around the idea of taking the course...
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"Disgusting Written Posts On This Site!"

Don't you people get tired of writing such filth? Don't you guys have consideration for others? It just shows what kind of inconsiderate human beings you are! Such low life ignorance...
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The Travelling Psychologist

I was accused of overreacting to what could have been a potentially dangerous psychological misdiagnoses. Overreacting? As if, "oh, it's just someone's mind and life and psyche, no...
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Bye Bye Bye

Tristam messaged me yesterday asking how shifts were assigned at Teletech when I worked there. Well, yesterday was 3 days after my birthday and Teletech is a really sore spot for me—...
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Double Cheat Summer

Me and this guy had been best friends for a whole school year well one day he wanted to come over. i live way out in the country so i we decided that he should just spend the night. i...
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Me And My Hot Teacher

Okay so, I’m 15, I live in Europe and I go to a school where one guy works. For my age I am very mature; not only I look very much older, but I “act older” too. He is not exactly a...
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Let's Unpack, First

Oh, boy. This is going to be funny. But, it's not just yet. The Derek absence still doesn't bug me much, but when time passes upon a resting subject, I tend to start thinking more...
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They Have Deliberately

cut me out of any of the decision making process. It is so painful to be cut out completely. When you can help someone and you have been told to not interfere, it is not only unjust...
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Go To Work

Haven't seen Derek in a week and a half, and no word by text all week. We're not speaking, this time, for no real good reason. Nothing to fücking say that would interest the other, I...
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"Is A Foolish Dog Bark At A Flying Bird

One sheep must-a learn, children, to respect the shepherd. Jah live children. . . yeah." -This. I had a huge revelation on Saturday, and then screamed the s**t out at...
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