"((((( Dream A Little Dream)))"

Your lovely laughter echos from across the room. All I want to do is look at you. Mystique is what I feel each time I'm near you. Your beauty is so unique there's no one as...
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Cynic The Biggest Idiot On Here

Why can't he keep his big mouth shut? No one wants to hear his smart assssss options, nor his stupid comments, that means nothing to anyone but himself. Cynic is nothing but a...
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There Is A Place

Baby, there is a place for you and me that sooner or later we shall see through the tears we cry. And baby, our time has only just begun. We are different, we are one, what more do we...
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Don't Call Me Your Darling

The sun goes down another night you've left me here alone You still don't know I understand just what's been going on When morning come your conscience make your hand pick up the...
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"((((( Gazing With Fascination)))))"

From across the room I gazed for for a few moments, and all I could see was you beautifully standing in front of fan. With fascination, I watched the blowing air breezing your...
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Cynic Is An A*s :)

If he comments on your post don't be mad. He's just an a*s and only comes on here to troll anyone he wants, but who knows he may just be a 12 year old boy who wants attention or he's...
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Another Perfect Weekend

You jerk. You're too easy to be smitten with. If you keep making my weekends so incredible, what do you think I'm going to feel about you? Ugh, arrghhh! Wonderful awesome times! How...
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Come With Me

Close those blue eyes. Let me take you away. Put on your headphones. Hit repeat and press play. Think back to the time I first made you smile. Let the sound waves guide you and let's...
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I Will Always Love You

When I look up at the night stars and know you're somewhere, I think of what you might be doing; if you're happy; how you were my world and I take none of it back, loving passion...
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"((( Brief Thoughts Of You )))"

Precious moments only last for three winks Of the time. As I softly keep them stored Into my thoughts, and within my mind. I could only Replay them so many times. But all those...
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There WILL Be Strawberries, Boys!

Don't you tell me that I can't grow strawberry plants over there! You live in a really nice place and the land you have is hurting my soul that it isn't mine. You're a great host,...
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@ X + Y Combination

That's a stupendous job I don't think any combination is left out.well thought n crafted. Someone is truly lucky out there ;) Emotions tag- feeling jealous feeling missed feeling...
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" You're Very Gorgeous.)"

When you walked into the room, I was like wow, I said to myself, "you have such a nice asssssss." And such a beautiful figure. Everything about you is gorgeous. I also love looking...
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Lost In A World Of Words

In a world we created I felt the unexpected. I have come to love you. As to why, I have no clue. I'm weak when you enter my thoughts. Like all my sense of reason is lost. You seem to...
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If We Should Ever Meet

If one day we should ever meet, I hope it's not short and sweet. I'd like to spend the day with you and gaze into those eyes of blue. If one day we should ever meet, i'd kiss those...
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"(((( Late Night Thoughts)))))"

As everyone was sound asleep, I was up watching tv. Thoughts of you came warmly into my mind. Rewinding all the little moments of our brief chats. Looking within your gorgeous pool's...
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@ I Will Carry You

Awwww, so cute and charming. I really like that post is sounds very special. Wow, that must be one special lucky person. Good luck I hope it works out for you both....
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I'll Carry You

Follow me, love, I'll pick you up and place you beside my heart, snugly inside my pocket. There's no need to be apart. Hold on, it may get bumpy, but if we see this through I'll do...
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More Than Words Can Express

You are worth more than you will ever know and I love you more than your heart can ever fathom or any words carefully chosen can express.Though I get you in pieces but you exist...
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I Love You

Yes, roses are red and violets are blue. I know this often can be most true. But then comes winter in its time, and they lose their brilliance sublime. So while flowers are good and...
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