"((( Thinking Of You With Tender Foundness.)))"

My dear, I woke up this morning with tender foundness thoughts of you. I could never run out of these feelings I have for you. Feelings that causes such sensational goosebumps down...
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My Life's First Chapter

This note is not meant, to explain why I did what I did, but it is simply meant to give a backstory to my story. When I was little (although I didn't realize it) my father was...
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First Time In Forever!

I normally bottle up my feeling, so it been hard to show my feeling. That means that it's been hard to cry. It's no longer normal for me, but in the first time in forever I cried!...
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"(( Thoughts Of You))"

At this moment, I'm laying down on the couch with my iPad, and of course thoughts of you are pleasantly occupying my mind. So, I decided to post my thoughts of you. In my thoughts,...
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Message In A Bottle

I don't know you, you don't know me, but we have been searching for each other for years. I've tried to make past relationships work, but to no avail. Too many issues, too much drama,...
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Let Me Take You

Let me take you and cuddle :) . I’ll let you know that you are pretty :) . Prettier than any other girls, if that can make you happy to know. LOL....
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I Wish I Could Go Back To The Days

when I use to see things, through innocent eyes. All I see is shifty people doing dodgy business. Is it a crime to be honest these days? It seems like all the people that live...
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Rejected By The Only Person I Truly Want

Hi, it's a long long story but I really liked this guy and he doesn't want to date anyone right now, which is totally understandable. It hurts, being rejected, but I appreciate his...
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Glutonous Lazy Weekend

I know that I have a whole lot that I need to do, but eff it. This is the last day of a long weekend, and I've so far spent it doing the easiest and simplest s**t that I enjoy: not...
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Ya Girl Graduated College

I'm now officially graduated with a BS in math ...
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It's Always The Same

It's always the same, every day, every week, every month, every year. I ride a roller coaster, taking me through highs and lows, times when I'm head over heels and others where I...
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Forever And Ever !

How do you know he's the one? You let your heart decide! Among the stars you've gotta choose yours Is it the best one ? There's an inner turmoil everytime you look into those...
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Lost In You

As the rain pours heavily People run towards their shelter Here I am lost in this brutal sphere. No where to go I tremble and shiver through the coldness of the night, With a sliver...
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There Goes Another Bridge

Pure isolation, a job you hate, living in a city you hate surrounded by people that you hate. Every day is an exact replica of the last, and when it isn't, it's like you spent a...
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Everything I've Ever Done In My Life Has Been For Nothing

Everything I've ever done in my life has been for nothing. It's led up to nothing. It's all been a waste. I'm alone. Nobody likes me. Nobody cares....
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Terrible Sex Choises

I decided I was going to move off to a new place where no one would know me. But before I decided to do so I made an ok cupid account. One that got me way too many messages. One of...
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I Stoped Posting At This Is My Reason

So I started posting on here when I was going through a very rough patch of my life. I then lost my best friend of 5 year cause she went behind my back and posted online about how...
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The Opposing And The Opposed

Night before last things got ugly again, between my mom and me. We live in an apartment now, and there's a dikcbag who likes to mess with our laundry, leave nasty notes, and yell at...
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Alcoholic In Waiting

I just added rum to my ice tea. Not so bed except its 3 in the afternoon and I have to go dance with fire in a little. Is this the moment where I actively choose weather I'm going to...
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It's Not The Same

Something tells me you're not supposed to treat "friends" like pets, or think of them as pets. I've been drinking too much, smoking too much, sitting too much. I need some...
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