@ Finger Sticking!

You are so sickening! Such BS you wast your time writing such filth! Whomever has written those several posts of nasty garbage Has major issues of all kinds! SO pathetically sad!...
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"(((((( I'm Thinking Of You.))))"

Brief moments throughout the day, my heart sends tender thoughts within my mind of you and I. In my thoughts I'm wishing I could hold you, while we're both comfortably on a couch,...
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I Love To Stick Fingers Up My Tush

Why doesn't anybody love me?...
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Random Fact About Me

So I've just realised this, but if I were to record whenever I masturbate, you could create a chart wich tells when whenever I feel good about my life or if I'm really "unhappy"....
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I Wear Diapers To Work

Well here goes. A couple years ago I started having anxiety issues any time I would leave the house, to go to work, shopping etc. So I started wearing diapers when going out, and at...
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"((((((( Could We Connect Simultaneously?))))"

My dear, through your hardest of times, and exhausted moments could you please take a momentarily break? Close your beautiful eyes, and imagine that I'm behind you, as I slowly reach...
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I'm Twelve And I Self-Harm

It started a few months ago. I unscrewed a pencil sharpener and cut my thighs and calves. Since then I became suicidal and unhappy with my body. Cutting myself, for me, releases built...
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There's No Such Place As Christine, Ontario

But, there was no mistaking that it was the name of the town. And, this is what I'm vulnerable to, with my new truth, my new secret. You ran away. You got us bus tickets for Prince...
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I Love Touching My Black Nutsack

Whenever I look at a woman's rack I start to touch my black nutsack My hand goes up, I start to jack I stick three fingers in my crack And when I'm done with my self-attack I have...
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Too Far Apart

I thought about you last night. I couldn't get you out of my mind. Thoughts of you kept pouring in. It was so hard for me to find the peace and joy that I felt when you were here with...
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If I Had One Wish

If I only had one wish on this bright and beautiful day, I would wish that you were here with me each and every day. I would die to have you in my arms. I would walk across the world....
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OMG, Poor Fellow

It's probably a dude's worst nightmare to have that happen on him while having sex. Yick. What a time for my period to start! He was cool about it. He's been cool and great about a...
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Life Is Horrible

Life is horrible if you have nothing. If you're ugly, nobody likes you or talks to you. If you have no talent or calling, you can't make any money and your quality of life suffers. If...
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I Love You

I love you. I know you want to hear it, but forgive me that I can only use words to express my love for you. I truly love you with all my heart, and I desire to be with you. But if...
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Please Take Note

Hello Sweetheart, I have written another secret confession, so please take note. It's just that I would like to say to you those three small words. I love you....
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Within These Secrettalk Secrets

Within these SECRETTALK secrets I write about what my heart cries out for words of undying devotion and passion and desires of moments when hearts are expressed in a moment of...
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"((((( Within My Daydreams.))))))"

We're somewhere within a cozy kind of sybaris atmosphere; with dimming lights, and soft easy listening music surrounding us. We are so captivated within each other's eyes, without...
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"((( You're An Amazing Person))))"

I wish one day I could tell you warmly just how amazing you are. You're beautiful in many different ways. Your smile always inspires my heart. Even when you look like you're having a...
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Just Give Me A Chance

Just give me a chance, maybe tonight we could repair the damage done. Through all those sleepless nights our hearts were living on the run. Our hearts could never stop long enough to...
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Let's Go On Holiday

I see a wonderful sunset tonight. I wish you could share it through my eyes. There is some pink, a little lilac too. Just waiting for my dinner to be cooked, it should be done soon. I...
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