" Fascinating, Mesmerizing, And Delightful."

My dear, It was so delightful looking within your beautiful green/blue eyes for a few moments. Each and every time I'm near you I get such a fascinating feeling that touches my...
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Small Observation Life

It's sorta funny, but since I took that whole year off of drinking, my whole habit has changed. I barely bother with the stuff, unless it's a great pint or great wine, and even then,...
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Reply To: Who Am I?

I will take the liberty of telling you who you are, if you do not mind! You are an extraordinary human being possessing infinite abundance of feelings, emotions and desires. We all...
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Home Sweet Room Thing

Well, the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed. Within these next two weeks I'll be moving from the couch I'm crashing on and into my very own room. I'll be renting a house with...
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You Can Never Release Me

I can never release you. We are in this together. We are so in love. We are deeply connected in spirit. Our telepathy is so strong. No one can break this formidable tie. One week, I...
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Are You F*****g Kidding Me?!

I was on my way! I was doing it. I was cutting him out. I was done. I was going to send that text. It was over tonight. He hounded me around town tonight, catching my flip attitude...
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Like A Sailboat Drifting Away

I find myself sad and resentful these days. Which is really pathetic when it comes to relationship. Somehow but surely, we slowly drifted away. I don't see much of him these days,...
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Have You Ever Felt

so high that the universe is going to bring you everything you deserve. I believe that out of all the negative circumstances, something good prevails. I am blessed to know that the...
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A Text Like This

"Just thought you should know that I'll be unavailable for awhile. Something came up. I'll let you know when things are back on track". -And, I think that's all I'll give him, to...
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He Should Have Been Mine

I'm secretly in love with my best friend's boyfriend. I'm happy for them, but i don't want to tell him how i feel and risk losing my best friend. I've been in love with him since 3rd...
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" Captivated Speechless Beauty."

In my view, I see an amazing person each time I look at you. Can you hear my heart beat? Every pulse rhythm sound that you hear is what I feel for you. You just don't know how...
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Palms Are Sweaty Knees Weak Mom's Spaghetti

Seeing him today was like seeing a ghost. I don't know why. I felt so shook when I saw him. I started having a panic attack somewhere between "Hey, ______!" and his halfhearted "I'm...
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To My Dearest Beloved

I can dream and believe, And so can you. My secret will, be your secret, for you and I, can love in the astral realms. You are my one, and only, true love. I am blessed, when you and...
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After I Had Talked To The Girl Who I Love

She told me that she wanted to get back together. She said she loved me more than anyone and she hated being apart from me. I'm feeling the emotion that they call. happiness? I don't...
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Reply To: Good Bye Everyone

You deserve better. If she takes you for granted and has lost her love for you, it is time to move on. You deserve a second chance. You deserve a breath of fresh air. You deserve to...
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I Love Golden Showers

I love paying women to spray their golden yellow liquid all over my obese, doughy body. It gets my three-and-a-half incher off to the MAX. I love the flavor and smell of asparagus...
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To Actually Know

that there is one magnificent being, in this universe who truly loves me, gives me a reason to breathe. You are the other half of my soul. You are my blood. You are the life, that...
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Cynic Is An Ugly A*s Bastard And Mother F****r

He can go BURN in hell and I would be laughing my a*s off and DIE laughing. I'm usually a sweet girl till u f**k with me then I'm the queen of b*****s. If that bastard comments I'm...
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I Love Raping My Cøck Off

50 Shades of Me: I tie myself up, throw myself down the stairs and rape the living LIFE out of myself until my penis starts expelling the white goo. It hurts as much as it feels good....
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Cynic Sucks N****r Dicks In Hell

He keeps going on about trolls, trolls, trolls. He's obsessed with them. He loves them. Don't worry, Cynic. In hell, there will be REAL trolls, like the mythical ones from folklore,...
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