Poor Choices From A Mistake Of A Man

Scrolling through Facebook, I just don't care anymore. I had a hard time back before social media, but now that everything is judgment piled onto more judgment, I can't cope. My...
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Everything Is Bittersweet

My date, not that anyone here cares at all, went swimmingly. We walked around town until midnight and then finally got something to eat, and afterwards we walked more. He's a perfect...
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Hello Dear Sunshine

I hope you are having a wonderful day.I miss sending morning messages but I know you feel my wishes are for you. Have a great day and enjoy life with your beautiful family. I loved...
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" A Thousand Miles."

There's so much traffic between us, but yet we are only a few feet away from each other. How can I cross this busy intersection to reach you? Do I have to walk a thousand miles just...
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I Love Routine

Before Experience Project shut down, I would check in with my friends every day after school and on the bus to school. I would check my messages, post a question, then answer a few....
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My Twin Flame

Alone in the darkness I am calling searching for my lost twin flame Nobody hears my distant silent scream hoping somehow it travels and finds them throwing destinies dice towards us...
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Forever Yours Only

Listen my heart is whispering to the world,this is how it makes love to you.I can't come close to feel your touch but in my whole being your essence flows.In my heart you i keep.Your...
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I Love You

Sometimes I wonder how I feel about you, Scared of these feelings because it's still new. I catch myself thinking of the best way to share, Hoping you'll return my confession showing...
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To My Loyal Man,

I hope you're doing well. Today I pretty much stayed away from anonymous sites. It feels good. It's a relief knowing that I'm finally getting my things done. I just thought of you and...
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" Could This Ever Be Privately Countenance?"

With every single word that you write, is preciously stored within my heart. It's really worth every word, but my dear the truth is could this mystery person be you? When we appear...
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Love Of My Life

Not to long ago I was trapped in a horrible abusive relationship where I was called names choked until I would pass out and refused food because he thought I was fat. March 1st he...
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'Though Much Is Taken,

much abides; and though we are not now that strength which in old days Moved earth and heaven,that which we are, we are; One equal temper of heroic hearts, Made weak by time and...
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To My Babyboo,

Hi cutie :) I hope you're doing well. Well, I have a news for you, which was also suppose to be a surprise for you. I wish I could write it here, but I won't and I can't. The reason...
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Heart Be Still

If I were to tell the truth, I started this just to get things off my chest or to post things I rather not talk to others about. You know, the selfish me me me thing. But it wasn't...
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Is It Worth It?

Is it somehow worth it to write my words on here to express my love, my thoughts? Could they touch your heart sometime? And if they do touch you, what good is it, I wonder? Would you...
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Do You Know I Love You?

Yes, I am talking to wonderful You. Have you realised how great you are, walking with a smile that never goes away? Filling every day with so much of love and warmth; how graciously...
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Love Be Damned

What am I supposed to think when you're just there, blatantly ignoring me, while talking to others? Do you really think that my sympathy and compassion entails this? Just because I...
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" Beautiful Is Who You Are."

Your dear smile awakes my heart. I hope soon we can finally expose this secret face to face. No one could never know, just you and I. Oh, how much I really wish to show you how much...
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Getting Music High?

Does anyone else gets affected by songs like I do? There will be certain songs that just makes my heart pound faster and I can feel it coursing through my veins. I'll get a surge of...
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Let Me Break Out Of This Matrix

I will be the first one running to you. Your reassuring smile. Your comforting words. A long deserving embrace. A remedy for the weak and weary. You know how to satisfy the needs of...
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