" Warm Thoughts Within Falling Snow.*"

As I went over to look outside the window, I glimpse at the falling snow. It caught me longer than a partial view, because thoughts of you came warmly into my mind. I thought of the...
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Richer Than I Thought

But, it wasn't due to Scotiabank. The other day, being ticked with kiddo ended up being a good thing. Made me go balls out. My terror of checking my bank account not at all...
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Don't Be A Laymon

Yesterday my dad's girlfriend was walking around in a tight shirt with my favorite band displayed over her titties, so I threw a lemon at the back of her head and told her to stop...
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Who Is This Mysterious

soul who came to me, at nightfall. Entered my consciousness, And gave me unending love. Only to leave me, In a complete state of, divine joy. Please make your, presence visible, When...
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Cinnamon Rolls And Asśholes

So, I had a crush on the guy that was working backstage during show last week. But he didn't really like me for me-- he just wanted to have sex with me like every other guy. I didn't...
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Saturday With You

Sitting here with you beneath the sun and sky, all of our problems and worries so far behind us. I take the time to appreciate all that you are, understand the woman that you are deep...
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Being Married To A Doctor Is Complicated

I am married to a Doctor and she is the love of my life, I've known her since I was 11, she is the same age as me (27). We have been in a relationship since we were 15 and we have...
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I Got A Date!

New girl in the office came in, about 6 months ago. I thought she was beautiful, but kept cool, i kept calm, i made sure never to turn the conversation to dating, or looks, even...
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"( Good Morning Gorgeous."

I hope you're having a good morning. I just want to say a few amazing words about how beautiful you are. You're so impressive to me in so many ways. Your beautiful face and your...
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This Is How We Connect

If we had one night alone beneath the moonlight, at its end you'd have no doubt, you'd know that I love you. We're denied the evening walks, or spending time alone, but souls connect...
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" Your Beautiful Lovely Words."

Within every word you have written has echoed through the wind, and softly entered my heart. While I read each word, I think of your beautiful face that always brightens my day. I...
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Where Do They Go?

Where do these words of love I write for you go? Do they resonate with your heart? Will only a part of them be absorbed? And others you will throw into the wind of no consequences;...
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The Most Romantic Thing I've Done

Since last Christmas, I had this teeny tiny box gift-wrapped in metallic blue and a large silver ribbon around it, and a York peppermint patty tucked under the ribbon. There was no...
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" I Just Want To Look Into Your Beautiful Eyes."

There's no words, for the amazing feeling that I get each time I look within your beautiful eyes. I feel something deep inside when I look into your gorgeous eyes. Within the moment...
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I Miss You

Softly I always am with you as your day begins. I miss you as usual. I will try to open up more. I'm afraid to scare you with all of my feelings. I 'm still not sure that you feel as...
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5 Paddles Brewery

No, it did not stay a Derek-free night, thanks to Dillon briefly disturbing the building. Then, that night and the next day were just too packed to put it all in one post. That night,...
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Happy We Met

How many sunsets have come and gone between us now? How many days of work and struggle have stolen precious moments from us? How many things have cluttered our lives and how many...
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Last Night , As I Was

dozing off and having sweet thoughts about you, I had a strange sensation in my head. It is like I can feel my own thumping pulse in my head. There are so many theories for this...
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You And I

You and I aren't together, but yet we have a deep connection. We hold hands, we hug everyday. But yet we aren't a couple. I sit at home everyday, thinking, "How can we be more?" I...
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More Today Than Yesterday

I don't remember what day it was I didn't notice what time it was All I know is that I fell in love with you And if all my dreams come true I'll be spending time with you Every day's...
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