The Emptiness Inside

There was once a place without light. This was a place without darkness. This was a place without comparisons, a place without imbalance. This was a place without divinity or...
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The Wrong Boys

You must love incidences such as last night. You get to over-embellish and feel justified for some initial decision you made about me. And, really? That's fine. You boys think what...
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Just The Words I Needed To Hear :)

Lately I had been feeling lonely, and annoyed at my lack of communication skills with friends and even strangers. I envied tight knit friendships and even my own friends that went out...
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How To Say? How To Tell?

How to tell my friend (ex-crush/brief involvement) of almost ten years that I am still kind of attracted to him? It is purely physical attraction. I love the guy, but know our...
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With One Look

With on look I can break your heart With one look I play every part I can make your sad heart sing With one look you'll know All you need to know. With one smile I'm the girl...
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"((( You're One Gorgeous Amazing One.)))"

As I was in class session today I was thinking about you. Missing your beautiful face, and loving smile that always makes the room so delightful. You're so sweet and charming that...
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Ending Every Day

Iā€™m starving in my body and spirit, if there is such a thing. The emptiness that was there for so long and was only breached by one has been my most faithful companion for a long time...
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Acceptance; Mic Drop

Im trying so so hard, not to be a pathological empath. It's driven me into the ground, my fear of loneliness. Who knew kindness could be the fourth fear response (fight, flight,...
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Let Us Be Like

Two falling stars in the day sky. Let no one know of our sublime beauty As we hold hands with God And burn Into a sacred existence that defies ā€“ That surpasses ā€“ Every description...
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From My Perspective

You and are I are learning from each other. You were more evolved than I. Hence, the amazing connection. I understand that it had to be painful. The runner, the chaser, the process...
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This Is So Frusterating

I want to be a sugar baby so bad.! Most of the time I don't want anything.I just like to give head. But I can't because everyone I meet calls me jailbait or a troll because I'm 16....
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My Labia Hangs Down Like An Old Pair Of Balls

I have extraneous skin on my labia majora. It hangs between my legs like a piece of loose skintag. Sometimes when I exercise, it gets caught in the folds of my thighs....
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What Is With All These Posts About Sucking Dicks?

Why is every other post about sucking dicks? Do we really need to know about this? It's gross and disgusting and I don't want to have to read about it every other post. I mean, I...
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"((( Silent Thoughts Will Never Be Spoken.)))"

Time shifts in random directions hoping for one day my thoughts can meet with your's, but only my silentwhispers wish you can see how much you mean to me. A beautiful scenery is...
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"(((( Straight From My Heart))))"

The touch of your fingertips aspires my beating heart , and within my thoughts I could still feel your beautiful embrace from your past touch. Your beautiful face haven't left...
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I Know You Are In Pain

Does it help, if I have conversations with you and meet up at the special place, we last spoke? You can share all your worries and anything else you would like to discuss. I can place...
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Do Not Confess

I want to f**k my co worker so bad it hurts. I obsess about f*****g him constantly. I won't ever act on it. We are both married. But it has taken me completely by surprise. It's an...
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"Love Song For A Vampire"

Come into these arms again And lay your body down The rhythm of this trembling heart Is beating like a drum It beats for you - It bleeds for you It knows not how it sounds...
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All I Want

is for you to be happy. To always be in love. To be blessed with good health. To find peace within. Anything less, makes me :'(...
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You Were The One

You were the only person, Who treated me with kindness And respect, When all the wolves and vultures, were trying to crucify me. You were the one, who noticed me , in a crowded room,...
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