Recovering Sex Addict

I have trouble concentrating often due to horniness. Most days I remain unsatisfied cause I try to refrain from slutting around. I researched and tried many anaphrodisiacs that didn't...
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Re Re Re @ "I Hope I Leave."

Sorry that you feel that way, but the only person you should believe in is yourself. Of course God, should be number one priority. Anyway, life always changes. However, it could...
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I Wish I Were Dead

Pain. Not just the mental and emotional anguish I struggle through on a daily basis. Physical pain. As if life weren't miserable enough for me. Seeing people in pain. Public...
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You Are Not A Smart Woman

Please let this be the very last lesson you need about this, and pray that nothing of permanent damage has come from it again, you absolute fucktard! You don't deserve to be so lucky,...
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And, It Starts Again

This was what I was afraid of happening, and I was right, where Derek was just a stupid talking meathead who knew absolutely nothing about me and what I grew up with. I'm glad he's...
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Re: (I Hope I Leave))"

Take it easy I hope things get better for you. It's your life, and you choose how to live it. You can't assume that nobody cares. Maybe other people just don't want to interact with...
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I Hope I Leave

When I'm no longer needed, I'm no longer wanted. I feel like I already knew this deep down. I wish I could open a secret door on the ground, and fall through. It's appealing because...
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I've Had Some Of The Greatest Experiences Of My Life While Gaming

Isn't it kind of sad that to achieve anything in this world, you have to do it virtually? I guess a certain generation of people can't understand this way of thinking. They make me...
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Life Of Regret

If I were to die today and my life flashed before my eyes, I would regret about 90% of it. All the years I spent slaving in school and working. All the years I wasted being miserable...
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Welcome Home, Amy

I really wasn't concentrating that it was Canada Day. My mom and I had been hard at work for two days cleaning the rest of what was left of my apartment, and boy, was everyone just...
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Nice Timing, Turd Muffin

Eventually, spending so much time together, and through something as personally impacting as this move, which was honestly going rather smoothly and without a hitch, you were bound to...
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I Think It's Time For Me To Win Something

I feel it coming. I have it coming. Somewhere, at some time, a little bit of fortune is coming my way. I feel yay! Right in my gut and just in my feels, there she is, that win. It...
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Or Phan Ed

He said Im the sun, but if he gets too close he gets burned. Im a sun in a desert location. A land where I grow flowers alone and water them with emotion. I have no blame to assign,...
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Crazy But True

When I was about 12, I was touched sexually by a middle aged woman who lived in my neighborhood. This was about 20 years ago. She was my friend's grandmother. She would always sneak...
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I Miss 100% Of The Shots I Take

I'm running out of fuel. Too hard to find a reason anymore. I don't even want to try. I wonder where people get all that energy....
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"((((( Silently Heart Broken))))"

I always knew one day we were going to part our ways. I know it's all a part of life we all must move on to our next journey; but I must admit I'm Silently hurting inside. My heart...
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Question For Women:

Am I allowed to compliment you on your looks anymore? This isn't a troll question and in fact I won't even anonymize my name. Just curious because in the days of MeToo and Times Up,...
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Hard To Relate

It's so hard to find someone who thinks like you, on all points. In fact, it's downright impossible. Just take any random comment thread on the internet. There are people with extreme...
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I Got #MeThree'd

My mom is suing me for allegedly "ripping her c**t" while she was giving birth to me. Apparently I sexually assaulted her while I was still in the womb, but unfortunately I don't have...
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I Got #MeToo'd Again

I was walking down a crowded city street and I accidentally brushed against a female human being and she took one look at me and screamed, "RAPE! RAPE! RAAAPE!" Without even gathering...
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