Fire Fly Limbo

Yesterday morning, I texted him of the meteor shower, and he was excited to see it. Sometime during the day, he got his firepit back up and sent me an invitation to come down for a...
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Feeling Getting Stronger

I am feeling you inside me all the time and it is driving me bat sh*# crazy. Why do you come to me in my dreams? Your eyes always keep searching for me. I then wake up feeling...
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No One Compares To You

Unmistakable. Nobody compares to you. Nobody has that beauty and allure to me. My love seeks only one source and it's you. I've fallen deeper and deeper in love. my love. So I'll give...
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Those Speechless Dreams

I dream of just sitting with you in fields of corn with a warm summer breeze, watching as you trace the lines on the back of my hands, your fingers, as delicate as your smile, feel...
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"(((You're One In A Million.))))

It's hard to describe in words then how I feel about the beautiful person I see in you. I really would like to express it in words, of what I see and feel when I'm near you. Just...
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What Are You Thinking About?

Is it me? I hope so. I think of you every minute of every lonely day. I need you. I long for you. For your sparkling gaze, your tender touch, your soothing, rich voice whispering my...
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You Are Awesome

Behind those eyes there would be a beautiful mystery to be found. I had no idea what a splendid beautiful mystery full of wondrous and magical things there could possibly be. It's...
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"((((( Psst! My Dear, Can I Tell You A Secret?)))))

My dear, did you know each time I see you you make me smile, and just being near you makes me feel so euphoric? Did you know whatever I do, or wherever I go I always take moments to...
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@mopey Hello There

I'd just like to thank you for your kind words and nonjudgmental response. I totally agree and am thankful for your comment. I hope you have a day as beautiful as your soul....
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" To You Know Who. ) ) ) "

Good morning my dear friend, I just want to say I want to look Within your gorgeous eyes today, and while I do I'll will be thinking of kissing you. I really love when we have our...
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Dinner For Two With You

Your delightful company on a moonlit eve as we savor a table for two with glasses of wine to toast, a mouthful for me and a sip for you. I revel in the roast duck on my dish as it...
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♥. Love Has The Power .♥

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx Fake or real, Love's words have the power to heal. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx...
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Who Is Truly Synic? This Is My Perspective Of Synic!

Synic is someone who seems to be very controling. Always wants everything their way, or they carry on with such a moody attitude. This person synic thinks they know everything better...
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I Know You're Trying Your Hardest

Today hasn't been even remotely good. I should've known that it wouldn't be last night. I went to sleep early, but only because babe didn't text me back. I felt somewhat well-rested...
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"((( Within Your Beautiful Eyes.))))"

For a few moments, I had lost track of my surroundings, and time. My mind some how was filled with fantasy five, the second I was looking within your gorgeous eyes. As you were...
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Random Thoughts About Life

I think about the days when i was younger, life was much more simple but now life is complicated with standards that determine how we will be treated in society. Life back then when...
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You Are Loved

I just wanted to let you know - you are loved. Yes, you! The one reading these words right now. You are loved. I know your life isn't easy, and people don't see all the ways you...
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"(((((( Your Heartfelt Words.)))"

As I read your beautiful words, a tear drop fell from my cheek. Deep within my heart I felt it's you my dear gorgeous one. Your beautiful Words touched my heart so much, and your...
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A Bond Of Endless Love

We found ourselves lost in each other's eyes. Holding hands we leaped, falling forever as our emotions enveloped us, forming a bond of endless love....
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"(((( Through The Night))))))"

At this moment, while everyone's asleep I'm here awake mesmerized with thoughts of you; rewinding Little moments into my memory when I'm lost within your sensational vibes every...
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