"(((( Would You Meet Me For Lunch?)"

My dear, It has been a while since I've written on this site. . I really wish we could finally meet somewhere to talk, how about during a nice little lunch? Since it's so hard to...
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New Year, New Life

I've been writing elsewhere on this, as it happens. There is so much going on, especially internally. The way I obsess is scary, but I'm actually glad it happens. Because, I can't...
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I Just Blew Up On Him

Kinda exactly like what happened nearly a year ago. Lots of words, lots of snide, lots of self-righteousness that is completely justified and unavoidably true. Just like me. And, just...
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I Get Depressed When I See Beautiful Women

It means I'm going to be going home and jerking myself off alone, again...
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My New Year's Resolution

I'm no longer going to be a troll. So I'm going to get this all out of my system right now: F**k you, you f*****g m**********r c**t nugget piece of s**t n****r loving vagina...
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These Ignorant Posts!

The only reason this site is going to the dumps is, because some people are very ignorant with posting dirty trash ! Thats the main reason I don't post here anymore. Also you have...
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Death On Two Legs

Death comes to us all regardless of what we do. No matter whether we're good or bad, whether we're selfish or charitable, whether we live healthy or like a slob. Death is waiting in...
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Boyfriend Loves Smelly Feet

My boyfriend loves smelly feet and mine do not smell strong enough for him. Does anyone have any suggestions to increase my foot odor please? He loves nylons and I have worn thigh...
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The Ground Isn't

He'll be lending me his computer, which means I'll finally be able to get some shït done. Which means, I'll finally be able to get some shït out there. Which means: Holy crap! Real...
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Woo Boy Now

Here's somewhere that I haven't visited in quite awhile. I just got an iPad (heading right into the 21st century wow look at me) so excuse my terrible sentence structure. Typing on...
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Happy Holidays /Life Is Complicated

Hi everyone. Hope you've all been well, those of you who remember me. If not well that's okay :p Not sure what to write. Many things have happened. I promised I wouldnt come back to...
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Merry Niggersmas, Faggits

Merry Niggersmas to all the faggits of Secrettalk! I love you all so much, even you cynic, i suck you d**k im drunk on the nog of egg...
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For You Love

Every now and then my heart wanders back in time remembering the moments like a wind of joy that came and went. The moments of togetherness replay in my mind. As if it were only...
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Five - Thirty One - Seventeen

It is always the little things that jar in someone’s absence It’s the empty passenger seat on a usually joyous commute The ever-persisting silence that answers questions he always...
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I Love You, But I Hate This

I will not be going to Derek's family Christmas, today. Thanks to my stupid, STUPID unwanted way of life. My coworkers got me deathly ill in time for Christmas. Work made me miss...
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Santa Claus F#cked Me Up The Asss

I need to tell someone this. Last year, on Christmas Eve, I was sleeping soundly, minding my own business. The next thing I know, I start hearing a jing-jing-a-ling. I awoke with a...
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Five - Thirty - Seventeen

We could never be We never would have worked It’s foolish to even entertain the idea and yet — here I sit, late at night full of wonder, a bit of lust Often, I am just sad...
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Five - Twenty Nine - Seventeen

I stare at the ceiling tiles counting them, first when I am done, I count the little imperfections thousands of dimples in the tiles It’s useless It’s grounding In my periphery, the...
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A Real Story (Need To Know What This Is)

The first thing I must explain is how I was born, which is weird in itself. The time I was conceived was dated back and was in the exact time I was in the Menkaure pyramid, which I am...
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For Ever Yours

I have nothing to offer except this confession. Please take a look, it contains my heart. Your name is written on every wall. Believe me when I tell you that I am yours...
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