I Love You

with so much intensity. It was LOVE at first sight. A fairy-tale, every girl dreams of. Undoubtedly, a strong chemistry, that can't be matched. You bring out the most, wildest,...
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He Loves Me

I didn’t realize how much he truly loved me until the air went out and I had a fücking mental breakdown this weekend. Oh boy did it set me off. It was 86 degrees in the house and I...
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I Understand Completely

"Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love is by far the truest type of love." Unknown...
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The Tumbling Typist

It should be little wonder that pursuing the things you love affects the other things you love. As I was crystal shopping and gazing afterwards, I found myself thinking of some of...
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Putting The Foundation On My Empire

That was a lot of money spent on stones, today. Well, that's only the beginning, this weekend, and then we get to do it all over again early November at the Meta Expo/Gem Expo. Then...
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"@ We Are Never Alone."

Such beautiful words you wrote. Every word is very true. Your warm Gentle words just touched my heart in every aspect of wanting to hold you. I could only hope we have our little...
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A Perfect Soul

You are incredibly alluring. Who can resist, a heart that's, so wide open. You are my life. You are my teacher. You are my friend. You are my lover. You personify, everything that...
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We Are Never Alone

Some days, I grieve for hours. When you subtly, penetrated my soul, it is like, a double-edged sword. Once it profoundly pierces, It can leave me happy, Or it can leave me, blue....
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I Wish I Was The Person Inside Of My Head

The person inside of my head is like a version of Tom Cruise, except without all the Scientology, erratic behavior and weird upper body. Okay, maybe that was a bad example. The person...
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My Life Would Be Better If My Parents Weren't Cheap Cowards

This is an open letter to my parents: F**k you. You f****d me up. It's all your fault. You made me this way. I am the Frankenstein's monster of all your neuroses, idiosyncrasies and...
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I Cheated On My Wife With An Emu

I told her it was a one time thing, but it has actually been going on for 3 years....
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I’m In Love With My Teacher

So I’m a girl and I’m 20 yrs old now. It all started when I was 16. It started the first day of school. My teacher started fixing my shirt. It was a plaid vest with a collar. It...
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Death By Saliva

Look, please don't kill me. I don't have to die in order to feel better about some things. Many years ago, I had predicted age 47. I may have had some farming in, and a start in...
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I Stick Thumbtacks Into My Penis

then I use a large magnet in order to simulate an erection. It's the latest rage....
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My Balls Disappeared Up My Asśhole

I sat on my balls and now I can't find them....
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The Dude Abides

Just watched The Big Lebowski 20th Anniversary in theatres tonight. I've always been a big fan of the Coen Bros, but I never particularly understood the appeal of this cult film. I...
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It's As Simple As It Seems

I never talk about my feelings, i always feel bad if i do, but there are times when i feel really lonely, my life isn't exactly terrible, other than hiding from family that i'm gay...
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Alienate The Alien

Hiding at the mall after work so I don't have to be exposed to my psycho mother is just a bit too ridiculous at almost age 40, but here we fücking are, aren't we? Not even when I was...
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"((((( Could We Meet In The Corridor))))"

My dear friend, I long to see you again. My heart wants to feel your warm vibes reaching mine. Even if it's only for just a brief moment; I'm craving for that one last hug; the hug...
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I Slept With A Porcupine

I got a quill stuck in my urethra. Still came, though....
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